The X Factor

The X Factor Unveils Dates And Venues For The $5 Million Auditions

Auditions for the highly anticipated singing competition THE X FACTOR are set to begin on Sunday, March 27 in Los Angeles, CA at the L.A. Sports Arena. The search for the next global superstar will continue in Miami, FL on Thursday, April 7; Newark, NJ on Thursday, April 14; Seattle, WA on Wednesday, April 20; Chicago, IL on Wednesday, April 27; and concludes in Dallas, TX on Thursday, May 26.

The exciting new competition series is looking for talent young and old alike – with no upper age limit. THE X FACTOR judges will travel the nation searching for undiscovered talent 12 years old or over – both solo artists and vocal groups – who are willing to brave the panel for a chance to make their dreams come true.

In a departure from other singing competition series, the first time a contestant auditions for the judges, he/she will do so in front of an audience of thousands – raising the stakes and increasing the pressure to impress not only the judges, but also a potential legion of fans. This will be the ultimate test to prove they have the vocal ability, charisma and stage presence that it takes to become a global superstar and win an unprecedented $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music.

THE X FACTOR audition cities, dates and venue information are as follows:

Los Angeles, CA Sunday, March 27 L.A. Sports Arena
Miami, FL Thursday, April 7 BankUnited Center
Newark, NJ Thursday, April 14 Prudential Center
Seattle, WA Wednesday, April 20 Key Arena
Chicago, IL Wednesday, April 27 Sears Centre Arena
Dallas, TX Thursday, May 26 Dallas Convention Center

Wristbands must be obtained from the venue the day prior to auditions. Click on the city name above for additional audition details, including how to obtain your wristband and eligibility requirements.

During the open auditions, The X Factor Hotline (1-855-345-5678) will be updated with relevant audition details.

Hopefuls should sign up for Audition Information alerts now and check back regularly for updated information, rules and registration forms.


260 comments on “The X Factor Unveils Dates And Venues For The $5 Million Auditions”

  1. ARYO - wrote:


    2/24/2011 6:49 AM PDT

  2. Lisa - wrote:

    Should we assume it’s at giant center? Do we need to bring proof of age?

    2/24/2011 7:04 AM PDT

  3. SimRA - wrote:

    Lol, of course Dallas is TBA ;) this is my life. haha.

    2/24/2011 7:06 AM PDT

  4. Lisa - wrote:

    Does the person auditioning need to be there to get the bracelet, or can anyone pick it up?

    2/24/2011 7:09 AM PDT

  5. Matthew Jay - wrote:

    Looking for information on tickets to be in audience in NJ ??


    2/24/2011 7:18 AM PDT

  6. Prince Jordan Ray - wrote:

    I cannot wait! Dallas TX born and raised! Get ready for something you’ve never heard/seen before Simon! :-)

    2/24/2011 7:48 AM PDT

  7. Matt Red - wrote:


    2/24/2011 9:35 AM PDT

  8. racheal - wrote:

    Simon, You are the best!!! I know alot of people are commenting on facebook instead of here. Just know you are helping to make alot of peoples dream come true, just have the chance to audition. I am so grateful and have been looking forward to this since you announced it over the summer. Your creativity is incredible, X facotr will be the greatest. Idol is good, but totally not the same without you. I couldn’t believe some of the incredible talent they cut lastnight when I watched it. X factor is going to blow it away, because of you and your intense honesty and eye and ear for true talent. Looking foward to meeting you and I know we will meet when I’m in the finals!!! not really Racheal..I gotta stay undercover until discovered!!! Me !!

    2/24/2011 9:57 AM PDT

  9. Tiff - wrote:

    I really hope cheryl cole is a judge, that is the only reason why I got on youtube every saturday and sunday night this fall to watch the UK X-Factor! She reallly cares about the contestants and I think its rare to find someone who is as genuine as her!

    2/24/2011 10:54 AM PDT

  10. wendy woods - wrote:

    im canadian, and i have the x factor, why cant i play too? will x factor ever include canada? we have talent way up north too

    2/24/2011 10:57 AM PDT

  11. Armando Matos - wrote:

    Hey Simon, i was just wondering,or if anybody else knows. Are the auditions the same as American Idol, you have to audition in front of the producers,then the ex-producers then in front of the judges, or when everybody is waiting at the arena or stadium,thats the audition with all the people in the audience? im just wondering

    2/24/2011 11:50 AM PDT

  12. Alex - wrote:

    UGH! Why do shows always claim to come to NYC and end up going to New Jersey >:o

    2/24/2011 1:08 PM PDT

  13. JoshT - wrote:

    Yeah how can I get tickets to NJ?

    2/24/2011 1:26 PM PDT

  14. Emma York-Spaeth - wrote:

    I may only be 14, but I know I can sing…also, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to sing in front of the infamous Simon Cowell, who though at times can be…”tough”…but is always honest, and I will continue to wish for an honest opinion when i hit that stage at the Key Arena…WISH ME LUCK, AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL!! <3

    2/24/2011 1:54 PM PDT

  15. Ashley - wrote:

    This Is Gonna Be the Sizzayy!! :D
    I’m Looking Forward to My Audition in Chicago!! (:
    Love You Simon!

    2/24/2011 3:25 PM PDT

  16. Brittany - wrote:

    of course miami auditions during FCAT testing for 8th graders :( that wont stop me though chicago here i come!

    2/24/2011 3:27 PM PDT

  17. Luis - wrote:

    Hey, i don’t wanna audition, but i do wanna experience all the good (and bad) of the auditions! How can i be part of the audience? Someone PLEASE let me know!

    2/24/2011 4:53 PM PDT

  18. JN - wrote:

    Of course NJ is on a Thursday… Hmph.

    Guess I am missing school : )

    Ive never auditioned for a competition like this, I have waited for X Factor, and now that I finally will do this…

    Do we have to camp out? lol. Or do the bracelets tell us what time to be there? Orrrr do we get the bracelets and come whatever time we feel like during the audition times?

    2/24/2011 6:19 PM PDT

  19. Ana - wrote:

    omg!I am so excited there is a new show like american idol.I am a singer who just registerd to audition.I tried Americas got talent but whimped out cause of no support and well nervous and scared I wouldnt be able to make that I am in a better place I am ready to take my dream that I have been dreaming since the age of two and am now ready to give it my best and make it a reality.I wanna show my mom there is more to me then she thinks.I am eighteen and am wanting to show the world what I am about and who I am as a person threw my music and well singing.well I very excited hopefully you guys call the number.its easier.well see you guys at the audition.have a nice day.sincerly,Ana Chacon

    2/24/2011 7:20 PM PDT

  20. Ana - wrote:

    I want hillary duff ,jesse macartny,celiene dion,or christina Agularia to be a judge that would be nice.idk…thats up to you guys whoever is judging..

    2/24/2011 7:23 PM PDT

  21. Ana - wrote:

    sometimes I need a little support a kid like me coming from foster care and grew up not a perfect life or family.just wanna make it and be the best I can and prove to myself I am worth something.

    2/24/2011 7:24 PM PDT

  22. melanie - wrote:

    Why are the audition dates on Thursdays? I think you will miss out on a lot of good talent because of people not being able to miss work to travel to the audition sites. Just a thought.

    2/24/2011 7:35 PM PDT

  23. Josh - wrote:

    i just wanted to know is there different rounds of auditions before i get to the audition where you perform infront of the arena audience/3,000-4,000 people and judges? can someone post the answer if they know
    p.s. good luck to everyone else too

    thank you Simon and Fox and etc etc

    2/24/2011 9:02 PM PDT

  24. jemima - wrote:


    2/24/2011 9:14 PM PDT

  25. Arch - wrote:

    So wait you have to pay for audition or everythinqs free.? iam confused?

    2/24/2011 9:38 PM PDT

  26. Gretchen Pline - wrote:

    Originally signed up for Miami, but due to scheduling, I think Chicago is going to work out best for me. Do I need to go through the application process again?

    2/24/2011 11:20 PM PDT

  27. abdullh - wrote:

    As long as the baby’s name is Mo Oc me to suspend the purpose of Mali Lahu first

    2/25/2011 9:31 AM PDT

  28. molllyy - wrote:

    what is everyone talking about with bracelets and stuff? IM SO CONFUSED HELP PLEASE

    2/25/2011 9:55 AM PDT

  29. Janice - wrote:

    Can someone get wristband for you? Also, can you audition with instrument? And do you find out same day if you move on?


    2/25/2011 1:16 PM PDT

  30. kay - wrote:

    i cant wait for this :) ive been waiting for a chance to be noticed my whole life!!! ive always wanted to go on amarican idol but i was always toooo young…now i can do something at the age of 12 :) i hope to see ya in new jersey soon :) :)

    2/25/2011 2:26 PM PDT

  31. Edgar - wrote:

    At what time will the auditions be held exactly in LA?

    2/25/2011 6:09 PM PDT

  32. Benjamin - wrote:

    I am so excited but am confused that it is taking so long to give requiement and paperwork reqirements. Along with the Dallas date still TBD

    2/25/2011 7:05 PM PDT

  33. Carrie - wrote:

    How many wristbands are given out?

    2/25/2011 7:25 PM PDT

  34. sher - wrote:

    I have the x-factor and am really okay with being under such truthful scrutiny. I am really older (54) coming into myself, but what the he—it won’t hurt anything. I may lose a day or two, but it will be fun and all of those literal dreams of being on stage “for real” will be good for me. I will be working between now and Miami. Thanks for the opportunity. sm

    2/25/2011 8:07 PM PDT

  35. sher - wrote:

    Okay-looking forward to it very much. Thanks for the opp. Sher

    2/25/2011 8:09 PM PDT

  36. Frankie Urzetta - wrote:

    I’am 50 yrs old, I have recently had 2 battles with Cancer , and as of today I ‘am Cancer free. Thank the Lord Jesus. Now it is time for the world to hear me sing. All I want is a fair chance. I could shock the world. So listen up Simon . Miami here I come!!!!

    2/25/2011 8:17 PM PDT

  37. Tere Arce - wrote:

    Hi Mr. Simon, I am honored to be one of the participants in the X Factor and the opportunity that this show is giving to true talent in the USA. You are right! there is a lot of undiscovered talent here and the fact that there is no age limit has oppened the door to so many. To all participants I say just bring the best of you. When I saw your video anouncing the show, I thought that you were talking to me! You asked, Have you got it? and again I will tell you, sit down and listen and be ready because for your’s and my sake, I am Fantastic!

    2/25/2011 8:21 PM PDT

  38. Melissa - wrote:

    Has anyone heard if they will allow you to accompany yourself on an instrument while singing?????

    2/25/2011 9:01 PM PDT

  39. Super Justice - wrote:

    As a group of 4 twelve year old girls we have big dreams. And one of them is to become famous and now one of them is to make the auditions. We really do look foward to this audition and I want to thank Simon for this opportunity for 12 year olds to audition. We want to make everyone happy.

    2/25/2011 9:28 PM PDT

  40. Lady Rocker - wrote:

    Can’t wait to meet you Simon! :D

    2/25/2011 11:20 PM PDT

  41. Kaitlyn M - wrote:

    I’m going to be missing two days of school for this! Be ready Seattle and Simon cause here I come! :)

    2/26/2011 2:06 AM PDT


    Vegasville is now available on ITUNES

    I have always enjoyed singing, and playing guitar
    I am honored to see such talented people, to hear your voices!
    Nice to hear the great sounds of the band!
    Raymond V. Small

    2/26/2011 2:51 AM PDT

  43. crystal - wrote:

    I can’t wait till Chicago’s. Auftion I hope to impress the. Judged. With my voice. See ya there

    2/26/2011 5:12 AM PDT

  44. JAMES - wrote:

    I am 43 years old and I am very excited that finally there is a competition that is judged on talent not age. THIS IS MY DREAM TO PERFORM IN FRONT OF THOUSAND OF PEOPLE I WILL BE THERE AT NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2/26/2011 6:09 AM PDT

  45. Rosemarie - wrote:

    Also looking for ticket information for my family and friends.

    2/26/2011 6:50 AM PDT

  46. Cheryl - wrote:

    I am 52 years old and have been singing and playing instruments since I was 3 years old. In fact, I come from a family of singers. Thanks, Simon, for developing a show that allows someone my age the opportunity to acheive a dream!

    2/26/2011 7:01 AM PDT

  47. Robert Goodman of RGBand - wrote:

    See you in April Miami…!

    2/26/2011 9:34 AM PDT

  48. ivana - wrote:

    simon! im 12 years old and u dont know how much i want this.. in fact everyone wants it! and if i dont make it to the next round.. i know its doesnt actually mean i cant sing it means ive got another hidden talent and to try to achieve that! im soo happy that u made a show like this with 12 year olds! i love you simon!

    2/26/2011 9:36 AM PDT

  49. scottwarner1965 - wrote:

    just got my notification for x factor auditions look me up at scottwarner1965 tons of music videos there see what i am about then vote for me or don’t vote at all

    2/26/2011 9:44 AM PDT

  50. Iris - wrote:

    I want to know if it is recommended that a non-English speaking (Spanish) musician/singer present himself for an audition?

    Thank you so much.


    2/26/2011 10:36 AM PDT

  51. chase hoffmann - wrote:

    I signed up for the Audition for California and changed my mind. I decided to Audition in Seattle Washington instead. April 20. I now am signed up for Seattle Washington.

    2/26/2011 11:46 AM PDT

  52. johnnyleonardo anen - wrote:

    looking forward to the april 13th date in newark n j! im almost50 years old and have a voice of gold! looking forward to this challenge! always admired simon! he tells it like it is! thats how i am! lotta respect for him! god bless! see you guys soon! johnny leonardo anen!

    2/26/2011 12:07 PM PDT

  53. Tierra Wilhite - wrote:

    I’m so excited!! I’m going to own the Chicago auditions!! I’ve waited all my life for this, so watch out world *Tierrajade* will be a house hold name!..HERE I COME!!..

    2/26/2011 12:49 PM PDT

  54. Jean - wrote:

    I’m assuming these are just cattle calls and not the actual audience viewing auditions?

    And Ms. Abdul should definitely be a judge! :)

    2/26/2011 1:19 PM PDT

  55. Whataboutthesongs - wrote:

    I dont see anything about the songs? Are they going to give you a song list and you have to pick one? Which would give you less than 24 hours to memorize it. Or do we get to do any song and we bring in the music on cd or something. Are original songs permitted?

    2/26/2011 1:22 PM PDT

  56. kati - wrote:

    im so excited i hope i can get to an audition

    2/26/2011 1:23 PM PDT

  57. Kaila - wrote:

    will we have to sing a whole song or will it just be a short little clip of a song… and will we have music or be singing with out it?

    2/26/2011 1:36 PM PDT

  58. me - wrote:

    I probably can’t make it to an audition, is there a way to send in videos online for an audition/

    2/26/2011 1:39 PM PDT

  59. Samuel - wrote:

    Please come to Nashville! We are Music City USA and thousands of us want to try out! Please!

    2/26/2011 2:35 PM PDT

  60. Robinella - wrote:

    I’m 26yrs old and I always wanted to audition, but (for a lot of reasons) didn’t do it when I was young enough for American Idol. With X Factor coming to America I feel as though I might still get a chance. But I worry about being to old for the young group and to young for the older group.

    2/26/2011 3:57 PM PDT

  61. Thomas Culler - wrote:

    Bring your voice, you’ll need it to beat me!

    2/26/2011 4:16 PM PDT

  62. Robinella - wrote:

    I want to see Paula back!!! Not because I think Simon and her should be together, (even though it seems like they would be great for one another) but because I think she brings a certain aspect to T.V. and music that no one else dose. She brings out the best in a lot of people and keeps Simon on his toes ;-) . Lord knows Simon is the best for scouting and honesty. Then… I have no opinion for who else could be a judge. What’s Sharon Osbourne up to these days? She was a great judge before on X Factor.

    2/26/2011 4:39 PM PDT

  63. Donna - wrote:

    Can someone with a PAST criminal record still try out?

    2/26/2011 5:09 PM PDT

  64. randy martin - wrote:

    im a 48 year old tree climber whos been told by many that i sing very well growing up in ga. theres lots of talented people so after 33years of climbing trees why not give it a shot!

    2/26/2011 5:21 PM PDT

  65. randy martin - wrote:

    lets go for it man!!!!

    2/26/2011 5:22 PM PDT

  66. lexi - wrote:

    what if you are 11 years old now but is turning 12 towards the end of April?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2/26/2011 6:35 PM PDT

  67. pastely - wrote:

    Thank you so much for making such a wonderful opportunity. I always felt “too old” to achieve something this great and it feels great to be able to be involved with something that opens up a door for so many people. I will do my best and I will work very hard and I hope I am able to impress you or at least make myself memorable. thank you!
    p.s. the songs we pick, which are acceptable and which are not? should i bring a c.d. just in case? thank yoU!

    2/26/2011 10:35 PM PDT

  68. Stephen - wrote:

    Seriously? … you’re doing the auditions on a weekdays? … people gotta work ya know.

    2/26/2011 11:34 PM PDT

  69. Stephen - wrote:

    I doubt this will get a response, but I would like to know if the $5,000,000 is a CASH prize with no-strings-attached, or if the $5,000,000 is allocated to production and marketing and then recoupable to the record label off the artist’s sales? I would just like to know what I’m getting myself into before signing a contract to audition. Thanks.

    2/26/2011 11:37 PM PDT

  70. Riversong - wrote:

    hey stephen. the 5mil dollars is a cash prize, not attached to production costs and marketing.

    its paid 1 mil a year over 5 years.

    2/27/2011 1:39 AM PDT

  71. Dean - wrote:

    NJ is gonna rock. Here’s hoping no hidden eligibility requirements knock me out of the loop.

    2/27/2011 7:59 AM PDT

  72. Lindsay - wrote:

    I am so excited for this! Does anyone know if we must select a song that they provide for us, or can we even have a song that we wrote ourselves? Singing and songwriting are my main passions and I would love to be able to incorporate both!

    2/27/2011 8:25 AM PDT

  73. Jocylin - wrote:

    hi im 13 almost 14 ill be auditioning in Seattle… I cant wait and i hope that Simon will be able to see that I HAVE THE X-FACTOR!!! Can’t wait to see everyone!!

    2/27/2011 9:04 AM PDT

  74. Jocylin - wrote:

    oh also will we ever get to play instruments like Guitar??? Oh and check out my youtube imadethiscuziwsbored and see what you think???

    2/27/2011 9:08 AM PDT

  75. Lyndsie - wrote:

    I would appriciate it if Dallas wasn’t to be announced because i would like to know when i am auditioning… Please and thank you… I think Cheryl Cole is amazing and should be a judge!!!!!!!!!!

    2/27/2011 11:50 AM PDT

  76. Irene - wrote:

    Can anyone answer this? Have any of you, who have signed up,gotten the email they said they would send you when you signed up?

    2/27/2011 2:36 PM PDT

  77. kay - wrote:

    i have a questoin if anyone can answere. i signed up on friday and i still didnt hear anything back. also when i registerd a wight box came up….is that suppose to happen??? sorry i never did this befor lol..thanks

    2/27/2011 2:40 PM PDT

  78. Alex - wrote:

    i cant wait to audition! (:

    2/27/2011 3:43 PM PDT

  79. DARRIUS - wrote:


    2/27/2011 4:16 PM PDT

  80. luobylou - wrote:

    (h) LOVE! Mel B!!!!!!!!! i want to meet her at the auditions, when i sing! x

    2/27/2011 4:18 PM PDT

  81. Rachel - wrote:

    Ah! I can’t wait till they come to Dallas! I hope Simon will like my voice. I have been singing since age 1. Yes, it’s true. All of the people I know and my friends say I have a really great voice and are encouraging me to try out for X Factor. I originally wanted to try out for American Idol, but I was never old enough to be on it. I am currently 15 (will turn sixteen in the summer) and I am excited for X Factor! For an idea of what I sound like, my voice is very similar to that of Christina Aguilera. No laughing, it’s true. I will show the world that young people like me can really be the next big thing! So look out USA, ’cause here I come!!!

    2/27/2011 5:50 PM PDT

  82. Danielle C - wrote:

    I’m not sure If I will auditon, but if I do, NJ here I come!

    2/27/2011 6:34 PM PDT

  83. Serenity - wrote:

    My daughter and I missed the announcement of the age going to 15 on American Idol and anyway they didn’t come to our state. Now finally she has a chance to be in front of the audience and try out for X-Factor and still gets to see Simon (I was so upset when he left American Idol) but now not only does my daughter get her chance to try out for another (better) show, she and I can meet Simon! Well maybe I mean I hope they let the parents in. If not I’ll buy a ticket for the audience. I know my little girl will do me proud and I am sure Simon will love her singing. I hope. And if she doesn’t make it here, well she can still go for Idol next year, and keep returning for X-Factor auditions. I also have an 11 year old already gearing up to trying out next season! We have a musical family. LOL!

    2/27/2011 6:39 PM PDT

  84. antonio - wrote:

    Since the age of twelve growing up in foster care in stockton,ca. I’ve been singing my life story with some pain,moments of joy and the backing of my li’l singing everyday idol! Kaila, baby girl we’ll give the world all we’ve got! Get ready x-factor because I will show u nothing will stop me from showing you all I’m the best and a talent above. Here I come LA and good luck everybody!

    2/27/2011 8:10 PM PDT

  85. BrendaMae - wrote:

    Also disappointed that NY auditions are actually in New Jersey. But if the April 14 is just a cattle call, and those who move on from this audition will go on to audition for Simon and Co., will those auditions possibly be held in NYC?

    My vote is for Paula as a judge!!

    2/27/2011 8:20 PM PDT

  86. Will - wrote:

    Aww, I need the Dallas Auditions date to be annouced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait, here I come world!!!!!!!

    2/27/2011 8:56 PM PDT

  87. Keisha Prophete - wrote:

    I want to know are they gonna post the time for the aduditions in miami fl

    2/27/2011 9:41 PM PDT

  88. Robert Goodman - wrote:

    How long is the auditon in minutes? Do we need to bring our own back tracks (music) or do we solo with out music? If we can bring music can it be something I have written or a cover tune only? Is there a list of songs we need to choose from? Thank you. Robert

    2/28/2011 4:26 AM PDT

  89. Peg B - wrote:

    Sooo ready to get started with a dream come true…. yee ha!

    2/28/2011 5:50 AM PDT

  90. Lisa - wrote:

    Can anyone answer the wristband question? Does the person auditioning have to go and get it? Or can someone else pick it up?

    2/28/2011 6:22 AM PDT

  91. billy - wrote:

    i would audition purely to meet Mel B! saw her in the spice girls reunin tour and though she was fierce. Love Simon too. youtubed Cheryl Cole and thought she was miserable. Mariah would be great too. xxxxx

    2/28/2011 8:32 AM PDT

  92. Val - wrote:

    This is gonna be off the HOOK! I can’t wait to be in front of the GREAT SIMON COWELL !!! This is Some Kind of Wonderful..Yea Yea Yea…………………….

    2/28/2011 10:05 AM PDT

  93. tim cascoth - wrote:

    whats taking so long for the dallas date tba

    2/28/2011 10:33 AM PDT

  94. O 2 Smoov - wrote:

    I have been a fan of Simon’s for a while. I will finally get the chance to hear from a true professional that I DO have the chops to make it. I look forward to meeting all the other talented hopefuls. Chicago will be holding it DOWN!

    2/28/2011 11:09 AM PDT

  95. Rachel Tyler - wrote:

    What happens if you make it through the first round of auditions? Will you be given further instructions then,….or will an announcement be made via the website beforehand?

    2/28/2011 1:03 PM PDT

  96. Ana - wrote:

    I am so excited to actually see simon cowell face to face without having to see him on American Idol…hehehe…well I cant wait for march 27th.but I wanna know when anyone who is auditioning for this show is there a certain dress code??well and can you bring friends and anyone else who matters for support?and about food what are the rules for that??do the people who are there to support you need to dress a certain way?? I dont wanna look like a fool dressed in something that is not appropriate.

    2/28/2011 3:54 PM PDT

  97. Brittney Ladell Kennedy - wrote:

    I am 15… turn 16 tomarrow!!! :D D YAY! I will be going to the auditions in Miami Florida…. When i actually live in north carolina. I will travel anywhere to live my dream! Thank you Lord for all of these wonderful oppurtunities!! I WILL BE THERE!!! YOU WON’T FORGET ME GUYS!!! :D D I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT! <33

    2/28/2011 4:15 PM PDT

  98. Shelbi Rose - wrote:

    Seeing all these people that are so sure of themselves is prety nervewracking for a 12 year old girl…all I want is to be able to sing for Simon. He’s a natural born critic who KNOWS who’s got it and who doesn’t. That’s the part I want to feel. The nerves of getting up and performing for America (UK?) and especially those judges. Can’t wait!

    P.S Please please please post the Dallas date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2/28/2011 5:33 PM PDT

  99. INGVAR ESTRADA - wrote:

    Dear Mr. Cowell,
    Congratulations on your new show & to all your success and thank you for this grand opportunity for myself and for everyone that has a dream. I’m looking forward to auditioning for the X Factor and I look forward greatly for this amazing opportunity.
    I have been on this journey for a long time and am to ready work as hard as necessary to make this happen.
    Ingvar Estrada Singer/Tenor

    2/28/2011 5:51 PM PDT

  100. INGVAR ESTRADA - wrote:

    - I have been on this journey for a long time and I’m ready to work as hard as necessary to make this happen and I’m totally dedicated to succeed in every way.
    Thanking you.
    Ingvar Estrada Singer/Tenor

    2/28/2011 6:17 PM PDT

  101. X Factor 2011 Auditions Details Released | X Factor US - wrote:

    [...] FOX X Factor Did You Enjoy this Post? Subscribe for free to X Factor network by RSS or Email Related Posts on [...]

    2/28/2011 6:21 PM PDT

  102. Carlos Andres Montoya - wrote:

    woho LA ;)

    2/28/2011 11:00 PM PDT

  103. Kisha Simone - wrote:

    Thank you in advance for allowing me to be Blessed by this opportunity!!!!

    3/1/2011 12:59 AM PDT

  104. Jane Smith - wrote:

    I’m soooooo excited about seeing Simon every week!

    apperently you can get tix to be in the audience from applausestore… and theyre free!!!!

    See you all there!!!!


    3/1/2011 6:36 AM PDT

  105. Accepthis Cross - wrote:

    Anybody from MN?

    3/1/2011 6:46 AM PDT

  106. jayson moon - wrote:


    3/1/2011 7:47 AM PDT

  107. Tiffany Skiles - wrote:

    Cant wait Chicago here i come :)

    3/1/2011 8:29 AM PDT

  108. jake - wrote:


    3/1/2011 10:38 AM PDT

  109. Andrew Gillingham - wrote:

    i second that @jake and @jayson! Mel b would be a gread addition tot he judging panel, she was great on DWTS and seems honest and down to earth. :D

    3/1/2011 11:23 AM PDT

  110. Will - wrote:

    Has anyone heard about the Dallas aduditions!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!? I cant wait any longer!!!!!!! I need to get it over with!! Its killing me slowly!!!!!

    3/1/2011 5:26 PM PDT

  111. Coakley - wrote:


    3/1/2011 5:57 PM PDT

  112. Pat - wrote:

    I’m a solo artist. I didn’t see anyone with an instrument in the video. Can I accompany myself with a guitar at the audition?

    3/1/2011 6:19 PM PDT

  113. Matt - wrote:


    3/1/2011 7:33 PM PDT

  114. Frankie Urzetta - wrote:

    Why won’t they tell us if we sing acapella like the Idol auditions, or if they have trax to sing to, or if you sing what ever you want, or if they will have a list of songs?????? What the heck , it’s a simple question, Someone pleeeeeeez tell us. This is Idiotic. also can’t wait to make fun of all the fake people that will be there, at the auditions, it’s a comedians paradise .

    3/1/2011 9:48 PM PDT

  115. Dakota - wrote:

    @Frankie Urzetta: To answer your questions…You have a choice. You could either sing acapella like the Idol auditions or have a backing track to the song you sing to. It’s your choice. And you can sing whatever you want! (:

    3/2/2011 12:49 AM PDT

  116. laura wilson - wrote:

    i cant wait for this! im 17 and sing all day long. it would be great to see Mel B in the judging chair, especially since the Spice Girls are reforming again! with new album and musical! Simons a genious!

    3/2/2011 7:27 AM PDT

  117. Singer12344 - wrote:

    Okay so im confused…when I auditioned for Americas Got Talent, the first audition was in a little room with 3 or 4 people, and then the 2nd audition was with 3000 people! So, what is ittttt???

    –Lindsay J.

    3/2/2011 8:08 AM PDT

  118. Andrew Gillingham - wrote:


    3/2/2011 10:08 AM PDT

  119. M.A.F. - wrote:

    Thank you for the information, Dakota. This will be an exciting adventure. I, too, love to sing and am looking forward to NJ!!! Know the competition is going to be incredible – but I hope to shine!!

    3/2/2011 12:46 PM PDT

  120. Spencer Link - wrote:

    14 and ready to be a star. Simon… Brace yourself for the full explosion of awesomeness that is me…


    3/2/2011 3:35 PM PDT

  121. Nina V.EXTREME - wrote:

    Simon Help!!!!!!! can we sing our own songs we have wriiten?? or It has to be a known song everyone knows

    3/2/2011 3:44 PM PDT

  122. Shayla - wrote:

    yall need to come to New Orleans, Louisiana!!!!!!
    There is AAAA LOTTTTT of AMAZING young talent down here!!!!!!!!!!! next season you should come….i can promise yall will not be disapointed!!!! :D

    3/2/2011 6:54 PM PDT

  123. Lisa - wrote:


    3/2/2011 7:09 PM PDT

  124. Jasmine - wrote:

    I can’t wait for the Chicago audition! I’m so excited!!!!!

    3/2/2011 7:24 PM PDT

  125. gladiators of rock - wrote:

    Hey Simon is it just singing groups because my kids & I have a band & they play instruments & I sing, can we bring our instruments.

    3/2/2011 9:18 PM PDT

  126. mike lynch [MAGALI] - wrote:

    hello sir simon, I just retired from us postal service after 35 years but singing has always been my passion.I am 56 years old and trying not to count. this will certainly be something I have wanted for a longtime. the saying is old dreams die hard.I have been an idol fan since its inception. you are a true visionary to avail an opportuniy like this for people like me . thanks man you are golden. hope to see you in new jersey. onelove magali

    3/3/2011 12:49 AM PDT

  127. Accepthis Cross - wrote:

    If it’s gonna be like American Idol, and I think it is, organizationally I mean. You have to have two forms of ID and be there the day before to get a wrist band. Ticket info for televised auditions isn’t there yet but if you want to go to the first auditions, just get a band and then back out. There are probably gonna be a few rounds of auditions before the real judges, that’s how Idol was last year in Millwaukee anyways. It might all be different though. Hope that helps you :)

    3/3/2011 6:39 AM PDT

  128. Rachel - wrote:

    Is anyone else that is 15, other than me, going to try out? Of course I turn 16 in the summer, but it is nice to be able to know that i am not the only one my age trying out. I hope to meet a lot of people and great singers this year!!! Let the competition begin!! >o<

    3/3/2011 6:46 AM PDT

  129. Rachel - wrote:

    Whoo Dallas!!! Please X Factor come to the Cowboy Stadium or American Airlines Center!!!

    3/3/2011 6:48 AM PDT

  130. georgio - wrote:

    Tina Turner and Madonna would make a great judges

    3/3/2011 7:11 AM PDT

  131. Christi - wrote:

    Simon, thank you for giving the OVER 28 year olds a chance at stardom. You Rock.

    3/3/2011 8:28 AM PDT

  132. destiny - wrote:

    finally simon someone allows us younger kids to persue our dreams and do what we want to do!!!!!!!

    3/3/2011 8:29 AM PDT

  133. Jenny - wrote:

    i am sooooo eited for the Chicago auditions- infront of a live audience? EXITIED! is it true scary spice Mel B is going to be on the judging pannel? that would make it extra special, i grew up listening to that band. Thank you for the opportunity Simon. Jenny xoxoxo

    3/3/2011 8:41 AM PDT

  134. sradfe - wrote:

    LjCHS7 nxpgxluyokxr, [url=]vhljsahxavxh[/url], [link=]imgqyecubrpr[/link],

    3/3/2011 1:10 PM PDT

  135. bobbyzapp - wrote:

    can you audition with a live band ?can you sing originals ?whats the truth

    3/3/2011 1:37 PM PDT

  136. Brian - wrote:

    I should be a judge.

    3/3/2011 2:30 PM PDT

  137. Corene Lausell - wrote:

    I couldn’t have really asked for an even better blog. You happen to be available to give excellent advice, going straight to the point for quick understanding of your readership. You’re undoubtedly a terrific specialist in this subject matter. Thanks for being there individuals like me.

    3/3/2011 4:37 PM PDT

  138. Gina Z. - wrote:

    See you at the LA auditions, in front of an AUDIENCE! Yes!!!! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! :) XO GINA Z.!

    3/3/2011 8:37 PM PDT

  139. Robert Goodman - wrote:

    Hey Simon, I am a 49 – I teach Social Studies in Palm Beach County (16years). I have been singing since I was 6. I’m a singer songwrtier and have my on all originals band “Robert Goodman Band” aka RGB. We play all over South Florida. though I came close to deals in my 20′s with Atlantic and SBK Records, it never came to be. However, I never stopped writing and singing as it is my passion. I do love teaching, it allows me to make a real difference in peoples lives and it touches my heart. I would like to bring that passion for teaching and singing to the stage…I have a vocie that connects and soul that wants too. Just give me the chance to make it to the TV Stage Auditon – I know at my age this may be my last chance to get on the WORLD STAGE. I will be in Miami April 6th – I hope to meet you then.
    SIMON- JUST A SIDE NOTE: someone from your past at Atlantic Record “Steve Bernstein” saw me perform last year at one of my gigs and was interested in doing a soul project with me, he said I reminded him of Daryl Hall. I have an eclectic voice..I was shaped by the Beatles and soul/gospell music at a very young age! See you in Miami- Warm regards Robert Goodman

    3/4/2011 5:11 AM PDT

  140. Charlene C. - wrote:

    ha wha wha wha!!! Im super excited about these auditions i could throw up lol… These competitions are so amazing in giving anyone the oportunity to show what they can bring to the table and a plce to start their dreams. THANK YOU!! <3 & see you in NJ ! :)

    3/4/2011 7:38 AM PDT

  141. Rachel - wrote:

    Is our very first audition in front of a live audience or are they in a separate room like that of American Idol? And is the first audition in front of the judges or the producers?

    3/4/2011 10:21 AM PDT

  142. Nathan - wrote:

    Has anyone received the information in their email that we were promised? I am auditioning in LA in a few weeks and have ZERO information about what to do, where to go and when, and what to expect. Any help would be great!

    3/4/2011 12:22 PM PDT

  143. Lesley - wrote:

    Simon, If i registered to audition, how do i pick up the bracelet? it says no camping out, so am i quarenteed a bracelet when I go to the Venue??

    3/4/2011 1:22 PM PDT

  144. Peter Cook - wrote:

    Think they’re mad to have another reality music programme straight after Pop Idol has aired in the U.S.A this year.It will be made up of near misses from Pop Idol auditions;also Cheryl Cole though beautiful,is not known by the American public and will be scorned.Better choice for judges would be Madonna,Cher,Nicole Scherzinger,Rihanna,Aretha Franklin or Brittany Speirs.They would lend Gravitas to the series.Best of luck!

    3/4/2011 1:36 PM PDT

  145. Taylor - wrote:

    I’m 15 years old, and i know i have something that can go far! im sooo excited to do this! wish me luck!!!!

    3/4/2011 3:27 PM PDT

  146. Richard Fisher - wrote:

    My guess for Judges;

    Simon Cowell
    Cheryl T. Cole
    George Michael
    Katy Perry

    3/4/2011 4:21 PM PDT

  147. dynamikzmelody ent. - wrote:

    this is great…how old do you have to be?

    3/4/2011 5:29 PM PDT

  148. Gloria - wrote:

    Looking forward to the auditions. Thanks for this awesome opportunity

    3/4/2011 8:22 PM PDT

  149. Alberto de Almar - wrote:


    3/5/2011 2:45 AM PDT

  150. ilenef. - wrote:

    just waitin’ on the email with more info for dallas auditions, worried it will go to my junk email though. I have faith it will all turn out fine. Blessings to everyone auditioning and see you in dallas. **** Ilene Flores ***

    3/5/2011 4:04 PM PDT

  151. bobbyzapp - wrote:

    can we sing originals?????thanks simon for an opportunity to follow my dream aliittle longer.i will be ready to entertain all who want to be amused peace and light

    3/5/2011 7:19 PM PDT

  152. Desy - wrote:

    i so am going to go on that show. i am 12 years old and is going to rock the mic.

    3/5/2011 8:44 PM PDT

  153. Steph Butchko - wrote:

    Ill be auditioning in MIAMI and i can’t wait!!!

    3/5/2011 8:48 PM PDT

  154. Rachel - wrote:

    i’ve read that simon is choosing two women and two men, including himslf, to be on the judging pannel. I think…

    Simon Cowell,
    Paula Abdul,
    Cheryl Cole,
    and Usher…

    should be the judges. It would be a dream come true if I could sing for both Paula and Simon!!! See you at the Dallas auditions!!!

    3/6/2011 7:30 AM PDT

  155. Yvette J. - wrote:

    How do you get through to an audition and/or how do you get a “wristband” for the audition. I’ve seen alot of posts but am so confused. I’ve never auditioned for anything like this. I did receive an e-mail conformation that I was registered in Seattle, but do not know where, how, or the specifics. Anyone have an answer if you wouldn’t mind posting please. All the comments I’m reading arern’t specific to one who has no clue as to the process. Thank you so very much, to whom ever answers my questions.

    3/6/2011 9:06 AM PDT

  156. Jen M. - wrote:

    You guys better get a baby grand for NJ, because Miette is coming to audition. Bwahahahaha… :D

    3/6/2011 12:15 PM PDT

  157. Destiny M. - wrote:

    this show is going to be sucessful and i wish everyone good luck…i wish i can do it but some of us cant ravel. maybe one day auditions will be in north carolina. that would be coool. im thirteen and i really want to be discovered young. it will be cool to have auditions for acting to. acting and singing are my favorite. maybe one day i can show the world!!!

    3/6/2011 12:17 PM PDT

  158. sage - wrote:

    LA is so lucky, having a sunday instead of a school day. I’m still gonna make it in Chicago though! Keep your eyes out for Sage Iverson:)

    3/6/2011 12:56 PM PDT

  159. sage - wrote:

    And thanks for making it possible for a 12 almost 13 year old to actual make it. Not too many people wanna watch us no matter how much booty we can kick.

    3/6/2011 1:03 PM PDT

  160. Zack - wrote:

    Are you coming to Kentucky?????

    3/6/2011 1:43 PM PDT

  161. Eva - wrote:

    I read a lot of the comments and some say things like “Its nice to know there are young people auditioning” I am 12 so I need parental surpervision. My best friend says I should try out so I asked my mom and she said no.

    3/6/2011 2:24 PM PDT

  162. davey - wrote:

    dose this mean that x factor is not in london this year ive been there for the last 5 years watchin the show its great and meeting simon cowell was really cool hes really a great guy and dose a lot for kids in the uk well i guess simon is right that america has the best singers in the world and he would know good luck everyone from dt1963 in london

    3/6/2011 2:59 PM PDT

  163. Lady Rocker - wrote:

    For those of you with questions…. Watch all the videos posted on the X Factor site…
    Do a little research and I’m sure many of your questions will be answered.
    According to my audition confirmation – you have to pick up your wristband the day b4 the actual audition – And I’m pretty sure you’ll have to have some kind of valid ID.
    There are many auditions from the UK X Factor on You Tube – CK em out —
    Hope this helps… :)

    3/6/2011 6:17 PM PDT

  164. Wendy Black - wrote:

    I soooo want to be on the Xfactor but I am all the way in Ohio and I have no idea how I’m going to get to LA by the 27th. I love to sing and It would be amazing to have a $5 million recording with Sony. I wish the X Factor would come to Ohio.

    3/6/2011 6:59 PM PDT

  165. KC - wrote:

    Simon, sort your judges line up out! I’m a Marketing Director in the U.K. and I have to tell you, you are on the cusp of terrible P.R.
    Sort out the Cheryl Cole situation before it backfires.
    If you want her, appoint her, if not, let her return here. However if I were her adviser I would tell her to walk away with a massive P.R. blitz on ‘Why I left the X-Factor’.
    At the moment she has been pictured in LA without make-up looking tainted. If this goes on any longer we won’t want her in the U.K. as she will be the US reject who tried but didn’t succeed!
    It’s getting very close to being a complete disaster! You have been a P.R. genius on both sides of the Atlantic. DO NOT underestimate people and their tolerance!

    3/6/2011 7:29 PM PDT

  166. Jacob - wrote:

    You’ve never heard singing from people in Florida, have you, Texas people? GO MIAMI!

    3/7/2011 5:10 AM PDT

  167. Sherry Narmour - wrote:

    Simmon, Hi this is Sherry. I just signed up for Your new show and I am so excited to meet you. I don’t know where this will take me but, my Mom always said, Don’t give up on your dreams and follow your heart. You never know what’s going to take place, you just got to do your best at what ever it may be. I have been writing music for eleven years now and alot of people want my cd when it’s done. I have a cd but, It is not my songs. I will never give up on my music! My Mom died on August 14th last year and It has been so hard living without her. I wrote a song called “The phone doesn’t ring” I do not have music to it yet but, I will real soon. I can’t wait to meet you. Thanks for believing in the forgotten! Sherry AKA SHALEE

    3/7/2011 7:47 AM PDT

  168. Lisa - wrote:


    3/7/2011 10:45 AM PDT

  169. Darsenion - wrote:

    The Bank United Center website for Miami Auditions says the auditions are the 6th not the 7th like stated above. Please clarify this.

    3/7/2011 10:51 AM PDT

  170. Abigail Lumsden - wrote:


    3/7/2011 9:19 PM PDT

  171. Abigail Lumsden - wrote:

    Yahoo! The journey begins!

    3/7/2011 9:20 PM PDT

  172. Human Bean - wrote:

    So I just got the audition info. How can this be?! We are being asked to wait in line all day just to get a wristband so we can come and wait in line all day the next day to sing a verse and chorus without backing track… and to look our best?! Waiting in line 2 days and to be expected to look and sound good… I suspect you already have your contestants as we all know the nepotism, friends of friends world is all that show biz is about but so you can get some publicity for this… you are really asking too much of people… it is not kind AT ALL. At least if we wait in line on day 1, we should get an appointment time for the next day… or at least a window of time to come back. Not just say that the line opens at 6am and be prepared to wait as it will be long, bring snacks and drinks and be prepared to wait as it will be a long day! BS. We all know agent’s clients, friends, etc. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS. People are spending time, energy and money on this and you don’t really seem to take that into consideration. I was thinking of doing this but it sounds like it will truly be a waste of time as it sounds like you really aren’t looking for any talent. If you were, you would treat people better. Shame.

    3/7/2011 9:29 PM PDT

  173. J - wrote:

    i would have to say i kind of agree with you Human Bean..I was prepared to sing a “singer’s singer” song, powerful and vocally talented rendition of something..i was even prepared to sing it acapella but getting that info about this audition was a turn off…i really dont even think they are looking for people who can sing i think you are right about other things you mentioned also…a verse and a chorus???? so they want you to be a pop star right off the bat??!!!!

    3/8/2011 7:16 AM PDT

  174. Samantha - wrote:

    I;ll e auditioning, but I;m wondering if my family pay for tickets to sit in the audience or if they can get in for free?

    3/8/2011 5:09 PM PDT

  175. joshy - wrote:

    PLEASE READ THIS::::I completely agree with Human Bean!!! This is a publicity stunt!! They are looking for the Teeny Boppers bubble gum watered down pop artists!! (fake Ushers, fake Lady Gagas, fake fake fake)…they want commercial and ones that will only last a few years then they go on to do it all over again….i was going to do this but I do not want to be apart of this BS!!! I live in a Super Meca area NJ/NYC so there is plenty of great, real, traditional, genuine, opportunities i can find…F this publicity stunt using people for personal gain!!! so Simon can afford that 400,000 dollar car i seen he had on that show PUNKED….BUT WE ALL KNOW PEOPLE THESE DAYS LIKE TO WATCH REALITY TV WHERE YOU DONT HAVE TO BE GOOD LOOKING OR HAVE TALENT!!!people will watch then companies get paid from the advertisers…hahhahahah not me…and anybody who disagrees go right ahead cause I used to be YOU at one point in time but not anymore cause I KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE SHOWS….HINT WORD SHOW!!!!!! THIS IS AN UPSCALE VERSION OF A REALITY SHOW!!!

    3/8/2011 5:17 PM PDT

  176. Lindsey Johnson - wrote:

    You should come to New Orleans to auditon also.

    3/8/2011 5:29 PM PDT

  177. lauryn newman - wrote:

    This is going to change my life! I am sooooo happy that Simon is giving us younger people a chance to show off our talent!!

    3/9/2011 4:10 AM PDT

  178. jenny - wrote:

    I would queue for 2 days just to sing a verse and a chorus in front of SIMON & MEL B!!!!! i would do it without food and water….and clothes!…i suppose its a way of sorting the wheat from the chaff, the ones dedicated to their dreams. Simon, if you read these posts THANK YOU!

    3/9/2011 10:16 AM PDT

  179. nancy - wrote:

    when are you going to have a singer/songwriter competition??????
    There is a lot of talent out there and that is where you will find your really talented people.

    3/9/2011 10:33 AM PDT

  180. sally joe - wrote:

    i am so happy i get a chance at stardom! i have been singing all my life and my idols are leona lewis, p!nk, Adele , celine dion, Bet middler and janis joplin!! all the great voices of generations past and present! i love the idea of Mel B on the pannel too as she influences soooooo many people in the spice girls, incluing lady gaga! who said she woulnd be here today without them, i would also like to see someone like cris brown on the pannel, some who has had roo fight for their reputation back! xxx

    3/9/2011 1:29 PM PDT

  181. Christina - wrote:

    If you are coming to the try outs in Chicago at the Sears Center( hoffman estates) I have great Hotel Rates at the Wingate by Wyndham Schaumburg. Call Christina 847-882-9372

    3/10/2011 11:27 AM PDT

  182. isaiah - wrote:

    you all better start packin it cuz im bringin it

    3/10/2011 1:27 PM PDT

  183. isaiah - wrote:

    here i come isaiahs bringin the pain so yal better wear head gear cuz im gonna blow ya minds : D

    3/10/2011 1:30 PM PDT

  184. Brittany - wrote:

    I think the people complaining just aren’t committed enough to become a star. I mean come on. This is a spectacular opportunity! If I have to wait in line for a few hours I’d be so willing just to sing in front of Simon Cowell. Maybe it’s cuz I’ve dreamed about it forever. So those who complain about not getting first class treatment will hopefully not show up and give those of us who are committed a better chance at 5 MILLION DOLLARS!

    3/10/2011 2:07 PM PDT

  185. Liv2Sing(: - wrote:

    Hi. I am going to the Audition in Seattle WA. I am 12 years old and a very very good singer. I have competed in many different talent shows, and have won them all. If I make the Auditoin, does that mean I will be able to go to L.A. and be in the tv show the X factor? Or will I have to go to multiple auditions? Im so excited and I cant wait for the Seattle audtions.

    3/12/2011 8:52 AM PDT

  186. joe - wrote:


    3/12/2011 11:43 AM PDT

  187. rock - wrote:

    i didnt know i had to proform in front on thousands of people on my first time singing im only 13

    3/12/2011 9:09 PM PDT

  188. Rayna Pass - wrote:

    I am planning on doing an opera aria…a well-known one,
    in addition to singing two other well known American songs.
    Proper audition music? Should we plan on staying over in Miami
    for the wrist band one day and the audition line-up the other day?

    3/14/2011 5:23 AM PDT

  189. charles berger - wrote:

    What happens after the last auditions on 5-26? What’s the next location for those who’ve passed the original auditions?

    3/14/2011 7:31 AM PDT

  190. delores brotherton albert - wrote:

    I hope 72 is not to old because if it isn’t then I’m coming to win.

    3/15/2011 5:10 PM PDT

  191. Charlene - wrote:

    Wow!! I am more than over joyed and Scared, because their are so many beautifully talented folk that will be there, and I’ve been down this road before when I audition for American Idol, Making of the band and was 5 1/2 years ago…..and here is another chance. Thank You Simon

    3/16/2011 12:26 PM PDT

  192. Eron Smith - wrote:

    Wow, I love these… thanks for sharing

    BR, Aron
    here’s my site too

    3/19/2011 4:34 AM PDT

  193. TYE LOVELL - wrote:

    How long will we be held at the venue after the initial audution, and will there be more auditioning thereafter within the same time frame or do we go home and wait for contact from the XFactor Execs.?

    3/20/2011 11:14 AM PDT

  194. Christian Kirtley - wrote:

    i am so exited and what is with the rist bands. when will we get more information. simon here is my favorite thing you said on amirican idol “what in the blooby hell was that”. :D so dallas here i come a 12 year old living a dream

    3/20/2011 2:02 PM PDT

  195. Nora Paradiso - wrote:

    What is the actual time the LA Sports Arena will open on the 26th and 27th?
    Will the audition be in a private room with a camera and a casting director for these preliminary auditions?
    Will Simon Cowell be auditioning on the 27th?
    It’s going to rain on the 27th in LA, will we be inside waiting?

    3/20/2011 5:26 PM PDT

  196. Aida Cortes - wrote:

    do we sing accapella or do we bring backup music?

    3/22/2011 3:13 PM PDT

  197. Kierra white - wrote:

    Im auditioning in Chi town,im 21 and ready to compete with who ever and what ever age, so bring it on!!!! :)

    3/23/2011 7:19 AM PDT

  198. Lisa Mellers - wrote:

    Going to Enjoy this experience! Who knows what can happen! Music is a Joy! Let’s do this thing :)

    3/23/2011 7:59 PM PDT

  199. Paige - wrote:

    I’m 13 and singing is my life! but i dont know if my dad will let me skip school for 2 days so I can do this! I really wish this was on a weekend!

    3/23/2011 10:11 PM PDT

  200. Carly - wrote:

    im scared

    3/24/2011 9:24 AM PDT

  201. mecca griffith - wrote:

    OMG! wow in Newark this is going to be so rad. i love the fact that i get to be able to go. i will lift my voice and sing. like I know I could. it’s going to be awesome and great. I hope I wow Simone Cowell because if i don’t then… Singing is what i love to do. YAYYYYYY can’t wait to open my mouth and sing those first few words. Thank-you Mr. Simone for creating the x-factor for little girls like me.

    3/24/2011 2:52 PM PDT

  202. mecca griffith - wrote:

    Yeah i am a 13yr old singer and hope to meet little singers like me but my mom is strict about education.( on a school day really ) i hoipe my mom will let me go.. $heesh!

    3/24/2011 2:54 PM PDT

  203. rick henry - wrote:

    I wouldn’t mind trying it

    3/24/2011 4:42 PM PDT

  204. Watch Water for Elephants Online - wrote:

    Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around

    3/27/2011 3:52 AM PDT

  205. CarmH. - wrote:

    I am sooo excited about this new show, it is going to be really hot, I can feel it.

    3/28/2011 5:19 PM PDT

  206. Cathi Watson - wrote:

    Sizzling Sensational Senior….moving higher on the path of life which has no end, only new beginnings. I posted a comment last week…It’s not posted…hmmm….Songs and Sonnets…
    plus a play on words…Row, Row Row your boat…etc.
    A lil’ bit of Avita….Michael Row your boat Ashore…Leaving on a jet plan…How Exciting…


    3/29/2011 6:23 AM PDT

  207. Tere Arce - wrote:

    Ok! 7 days 17 hours 59 minutes and Zeeero seconds! Huff! Planning the trip, Selecting the Songs, Preparing the Cloths, Suitcase…Oh! the details, details, and Ah! Rehersing, and how exiting…Rehersing, and the endless decisions, decisions, decisions…The Soooongs! Oh! The Songs!!! I like this one, but I love the other one…Oh, but maybe…Ok! Breath In, Breath Out…!

    3/30/2011 11:01 AM PDT

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  215. lauren - wrote:

    i think it should be 10 and up who agrees???

    4/6/2011 3:38 PM PDT

  216. lauren - wrote:

    sherry nourmour sry to burst your buttons simon cows not going to be thr unless you make it to chicago sry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4/6/2011 3:41 PM PDT

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  218. MPLOSION - wrote:

    listen were on our way to get that 5 MIL….wat up” simmon” U da MAN.

    4/8/2011 6:25 AM PDT

  219. Carmen - wrote:

    I’m canadian. It will be wonderful if we will have The X factor ever in Canada. We have talents up north too. TY.

    4/8/2011 3:15 PM PDT

  220. Monica - wrote:

    How are we supose to do this if we have school? What do you expect us to do, skip?

    4/10/2011 9:20 AM PDT

  221. michelle valere - wrote:

    i just wanted to know is there only one winner

    4/12/2011 6:27 AM PDT

  222. debrapollak - wrote:


    4/12/2011 1:49 PM PDT

  223. Hannah Clark - wrote:

    Well everyone…as soon as my Mom and I got to our hotel in NJ my Mom had an anxiety panic attack in our room on the 5th floor and felt like she couldn’t breath…was moved to a 1st floor room and still felt slightly like she couldn’t breath all night long. Got up …at 3:30 am this morning…went to the Prudential Center and got in the huge line…then she had another panic attack…got light headed…couldn’t breath and we had to leave! Got back to the hotel…bald our eyes out…packed up and drove back home. My Mom is so very disappointed and feels that she let her baby girl down…she couldn’t stop crying the whole 3 hour drive back home…but I am very understanding of the situation and tryed to assure her that I’m okay with it. I’m only 14 and there will be more auditions for me in the future. Needless to say…Mom’s gonna make an appointment with her doctor this week. She can’t live with this anxiety any longer! My whole school was rooting for me…but they’ll just have to wait till our school talent show to hear me sing again! Please pray for my Mom!! :(

    4/13/2011 1:45 PM PDT

  224. cassi - wrote:

    dos eanyone kno what we have to memorizee ?? and how muchh?? i looked through all of the faq’s and none answered my question.

    4/13/2011 2:53 PM PDT

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    4/13/2011 3:33 PM PDT

  226. SJS - wrote:

    I just got back from Newark and I’m more than sorry to tell you that even though you may get in line first, pre-dawn, and wait 8+ hours, its random where they seat you and then call your section – the first sections got most of the tickets and by 3pm 95% were gone, making thousands audition until past 9pm for NOTHING. The first auditions were about 3 minutes long and the later ones, like mine, were literally under 15 seconds! The judges called in to screen the masses were low-level producers, not music executives. This is the straight up, hard,cold truth. Some judges gave all Yeses and others gave all NOs because some had golden tickets left and others ran out of their quota. This after being left to wait 8-12 hrs/day for two days straight. Then even if you get passed thru, you come back the next day, not to be judged by Simon’s panel. I heard voices like you would not believe and they were dismissed because they weren’t seated early. It was a cattle call all right – the performers were treated like animals. Shame on this whole smarmy, exploitative production.

    4/15/2011 6:39 AM PDT

  227. WANDA SOLANO - wrote:

    I am not angry because i know i have a gold mine singer, writer and dancer in my hands My daughter auditioned and called me and said mommy, i can hear these girls singing very nice and they were eliminated, even the workers that were outside of the room where they were singing stated to their astonishment that they couldn’t believe that these talented girls were eliminated. My daughter has such an extraordinary voice, awesome, she sings anything from gospel, R&B, Rock anything and even Selena and salsa in other words spanish also. It was also stated that they were looking for a lady Gaga who isn’t at all so great and not even close to what my daughter sounds like. My daughter gives people chills, and they cry when they hear the songs my daughter writes b/c she writes from her heart and the truth. This is going to be exposed to the media, all of them for false advertisement and discrimination. I cannot understand what in the world you people are looking for cause its not singers. My daughter said to me yesterday she likes simon. Please. Something is going on and has to be expose or this show has to go. Liars sorry to say. I pray for that lady to overcome this and her panic and anxiety attacks. Me I am fine because i know what i got and she will get discovered. Even if its on You Tube that she has so many wonderful comments that even say she should try American Idol. I am going to do what i plan to do with x-factor.

    4/15/2011 7:20 PM PDT

  228. WANDA SOLANO - wrote:

    She just called me and is having fun in the city. She doesn’t get and or disappointed. She has such a wonderful personality. She is a beautiful inside and outside young lady, and has an enormous heart. If you read this honey. I love You and so does your fans.

    4/15/2011 7:25 PM PDT

  229. WANDA SOLANO - wrote:

    I just seen a comment that someone wants to impress the judges. Honey there’s no impression if my daughter didn’t do it. I believe you can sing just by what you said but be prepared to get disappointed. Good Luck

    4/15/2011 7:28 PM PDT

  230. LaDDii C - wrote:

    Are there any times auditions held in North Carolina??

    4/15/2011 7:51 PM PDT

  231. Suzanne Lancaster - wrote:

    This is an incredible opportunity for everyone…(especially ones like my brother who is in his early 50′s)…because there is no age limit and you don’t have to feel too old….(or young..if ur that lucky-haha). I signed my brother up…(3 out of 4 of my brothers all sang well) half are gone now,…but the one brother still here is getting his chance to audition and I am thrilled for him!! The only problem is he is going in for major surgery and may have to miss out later on….that’s our 1 fear. This was exactly what he needed too….a self-esteem booster and something to keep his mind off the thought of his surgery…and, give him a chance at the 1 great thing he does.. SING! ~Good luck Patrick & enjoy! Your little sister is your biggest fan!! Watch out judges…..and Simon. Thx every1~ S.L.~Auburn, Washington

    4/18/2011 2:19 AM PDT

  232. Gillian Mraz - wrote:

    Hi i was wondering if The X Factor is coming to New York?????? And when because right now i am 11 turning 12 in 4 months, and I heard you had to be 12 to be able to audition. Is that true?

    4/18/2011 5:59 PM PDT

  233. Hailey Smith - wrote:

    i don’t get why so many people are hating on this show. It’s a chance to show your real talent and even win a prize of 5 million dollors and a recording contract. It doesn’t make sense to me. I am super excited for my audition tomorrow in seattle and i’m so happy that there is a show out there now for 12 year olds like me :) thank you so much Simon for giving us the chance to show off our god given talent. :) hope to see you in the finals!!!

    4/19/2011 2:31 PM PDT

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  236. jerrod maxwell - wrote:

    omg im auditioning in chicago i cant wait i hope i make it this will be the opportunity of a lifetime this will change my life hopefully for the better

    4/25/2011 8:01 AM PDT

  237. Carrie Lee - wrote:

    I’m so excited to be able to seize this Awesome opportunity!!!! I’ve been a singer and songerwriter and this is where my heart & soul are! “Dallas here I come”

    4/26/2011 7:52 AM PDT

  238. Justin Mulhern - wrote:

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  242. Yoyoyo Yo - wrote:

    I’m so excited! I’m 12 years old but I can sing! I can sing amazingly! I’m super talented and this has been a life long dream, to sing in front of the one and only Simon Cowell! I know you may say some mean things but after my audition, you’ll be bowing down.I may be the first one to make Simon Cowell cry… of joy of course :) SO EXCITED! DALLAS, GET READY FOR ME!!!

    5/4/2011 2:21 PM PDT

  243. GrariaAssipsy - wrote:

    Поразительно! Изумительно!

    5/5/2011 5:35 PM PDT

  244. JenniA - wrote:

    Does anyone know if children are allowed to be in the studio audience? I just registered to get tickets in Dallas, but said that age minimum to register for tickets was 16yrs. Can you be younger to attend, but just needed to be 16 to actually buy them? HELP!

    5/7/2011 5:38 AM PDT

  245. chrstian titus - wrote:

    this is your winner speaking………. look no further because
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    5/11/2011 8:20 AM PDT

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  252. iNA SKY - wrote:


    6/16/2011 8:37 PM PDT

  253. the x factor girl - wrote:

    when will the x factor come to new orleans cuz i will blow u all away

    9/24/2011 7:58 AM PDT

  254. Carl Davis - wrote:

    Will X Factor come close to St. Louis? I want to audition.

    9/28/2011 6:59 PM PDT

  255. Carl Davis - wrote:

    Will X Factor come close to St. Louis? There has not been a show like this and I want to audition.

    9/28/2011 7:02 PM PDT

  256. Tim - wrote:

    So promising, but what happened??? What were you listening to? Wrong decisions made. Somehow I think NBC wasn’t the Biggest Looser this week. I think this was our last week for the X Factor.

    10/18/2011 7:52 PM PDT

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