The X Factor

Open X FACTOR Auditions: LA, Miami, Newark, Seattle, Chicago & Dallas

Download & Print Official Audition Forms:


THE X FACTOR audition cities, dates, and venue information are as follows:

Dallas Convention Center
650 South Griffin Street
Dallas, TX 75202
Wednesday, May 25 Thursday, May 26
L.A. Sports Arena
3939 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90037
Saturday, March 26 Sunday, March 27
BankUnited Center
1245 Dauer Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Wednesday, April 6 Thursday, April 7
Prudential Center
165 Mulberry Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Wednesday, April 13 Thursday, April 14
arrive between 5:30am and 7:00am
Key Arena
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109
Tuesday, April 19 Wednesday, April 20
Sears Centre Arena
5333 Prairie Stone Pkwy
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Tuesday, April 26 Wednesday, April 27

Wristbands must be obtained from the venue the day prior to auditions. Click on the city name above for additional audition details, including how to obtain your wristband and eligibility requirements.

During the open auditions, The X Factor Hotline (1-855-345-5678) will be updated with relevant audition details.

Hopefuls should sign up for Audition Information alerts now and check back regularly for updated information, rules and registration forms.


272 comments on “Open X FACTOR Auditions: LA, Miami, Newark, Seattle, Chicago & Dallas”

  1. Briana+Chaileb - wrote:

    how do u get the wristbands and what does wristband collection mean

    3/7/2011 5:01 PM PDT

  2. Ange - wrote:

    Pls spare viewers the agony of sitting thru Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole’s iritating babbling. Nobody can understand what they are saying. Why rehash the old IDOL, give us something fresh! Nicole Scherzinger is gorgeous, has star power, vocal chops n sense of humor. What more can producers ask for?

    3/7/2011 6:47 PM PDT

  3. Zahra - wrote:

    When they say open does that mean you don’t need to register before hand?

    3/7/2011 7:05 PM PDT

  4. Shala - wrote:

    Hmm Im 11 but turning 12 do you think i can join my birthday in the fall so i think ill be 12 by then Soo Pretty Please reply

    3/7/2011 8:03 PM PDT

  5. Britannah - wrote:

    It is finally here! I am so excited about the Seattle auditions. I am so there.

    3/7/2011 8:52 PM PDT

  6. Gemma - wrote:

    Must be a US Citizen?! What about Legal Permanent Residents? :(

    3/7/2011 9:25 PM PDT

  7. Anonymous - wrote:

    I’m currently registered to audition and I’m so excited!!!

    I was just wondering though: will the auditions on these posted dates be in front of the filmed/huge audience, or are these preliminary auditions to weed the group down a bit first before the filming/judges arrive? Anyone know?

    I know similar shows often have an un-filmed, pre-screening before the judges, to narrow down the number of contestants a bit but I wasn’t sure if that’s the case here or not? Just want to know what to expect!

    3/7/2011 10:01 PM PDT

  8. Bill LaVallee - wrote:

    At the Los Angeles auditions will there be any consideration or special arrangements for waiting in line for those who are disabled?

    Hope this is the proper way to ask and how does one take advantage of any privileges.

    Thank you.

    Bill LaVallee

    3/7/2011 10:23 PM PDT

  9. Natalie Warner - wrote:

    Hi, I am a resident of North Dallas and went to to pre register. I have since received updates regarding audition dates however Dallas is still TBA?? Is there any clue how long it will be until actual dates will be announced?

    3/8/2011 12:27 AM PDT

  10. Tomeicka Berry - wrote:

    I’m so ready for this! Chicago audition here I come!!!!! I’m ready to shine!

    3/8/2011 6:07 AM PDT

  11. No Name - wrote:

    @Shala – you have to BE 12 by 3/1/11…not this fall.
    @ Gemma – YEP A US CITIZEN! Want the perks? Become a citizen of the USA.

    3/8/2011 6:17 AM PDT

  12. Accepthis Cross - wrote:

    Show up on the 26th, get a wrist band and ticket(for free) then show then ID and come back the next day to audition. There are first rounds in front of no-name producers, Idol has 4 rounds before the big judge audition so it will be something like that. Open means not closed.

    3/8/2011 7:21 AM PDT

  13. RRyniewicz - wrote:

    Friends and Family that are minors, can they come with “a Parent” or does it have to be “their parent”? We want to bring my daughters best friend, she is 14.

    3/8/2011 8:04 AM PDT

  14. SimRA - wrote:

    @Gemma, I just called the hotline. It’s perm residents too. “Eligible to work full time in US” =)

    3/8/2011 8:05 AM PDT

  15. Tiff - wrote:

    I really hope Cheryl Cole is a judge, I think nicole is ok but doesnt come off as genuine and to be honest she seems a bit fake, but maybe im being a little harsh.

    3/8/2011 12:15 PM PDT

  16. Hannah - wrote:

    when do we find out the judges????? plz put on paula.. her and simon were the best co-judges together ever!!!!

    3/8/2011 12:24 PM PDT

  17. shawn - wrote:

    I’v been waiting to tryout all year for this because i thought it was more about the total package then just singing. I am a singer song writer who plays the guitar an sings not just a singer. I have been playing local gigs for years an know i have what it takes but will not stand out nearly as much without my guitar can i play at least 1 song with the guitar during the audtion.?? Example; whats bret michels without his song writing skill an guitar, Answer just an average singer.

    3/8/2011 2:31 PM PDT

  18. mike lynch [MAGALI] - wrote:

    OMG I just retired from 35 years working moving americas mail.USPS respectively but I always invisioned myself as a rockstar.this opportunity comes at a time that I consider to be my final curtain call. I plan and pray to do an exceptional display of many years of hoping ,dreaming and most important singing that I love so much. this in itself will be a memorable journey.thankyou to all concern and BIG UP to

    3/8/2011 3:32 PM PDT

  19. rawritstera - wrote:

    i was just wondering if by chance are the auditions going to reno nevada?

    3/8/2011 3:45 PM PDT

  20. Tony - wrote:

    Since there is no back up music allowed, will anyone be giving your key reference to each song?

    3/8/2011 4:44 PM PDT

  21. Gracie - wrote:

    You need to have one in GA!!!!!!!!

    3/8/2011 5:24 PM PDT

  22. dave - wrote:

    its kinda stupid that u gotta do a capella but o well its alright i guess and yes rryniewicz u can but u have 2 have valid id and a birth certifacite or other type of id or a school id if u dont have that something that has proof there from the u.s

    3/8/2011 5:25 PM PDT

  23. nellie - wrote:

    for this, is it similar to AI? because i was wondering how the rest of the show will continue. Will it be a one and done sort of thing or what? are these auditions films or are they little nothing auditions that are just to see whether they might want you or not? We need more details since this is happening so soon.

    3/8/2011 5:26 PM PDT

  24. Lynn Lu - wrote:

    I need to know when the Dallas Auditions are! :)

    3/8/2011 5:26 PM PDT

  25. dave - wrote:

    and i think its either or but im guessing i dont exactly know

    3/8/2011 5:28 PM PDT

  26. dave - wrote:

    your qeustion on their parent or a parent

    3/8/2011 5:29 PM PDT

  27. FOX Broadcasting Company - The X Factor USA - Simon Cowell's Brand New Singing Competition Comes To America Only On FOX - wrote:

    [...] now, you’ve signed up for THE X FACTOR Audition Alerts and you know when and where to show up for your audition. Now it’s time to get ready for the big day. Here are three [...]

    3/8/2011 5:48 PM PDT

  28. Big Dave Little - wrote:

    See you March 26th.

    Thanks Simon.


    3/8/2011 6:31 PM PDT

  29. sinergirl - wrote:

    So can you have a green card and still audition? I really want to, but i’m not sure if you can.

    3/8/2011 8:35 PM PDT

  30. Earl Lizotte - wrote:

    I will be attending the auditions in New Jersey on Apil 14 and would like to know how to obtain a required government issue ID?

    3/9/2011 7:58 AM PDT

  31. Virginia Martinez - wrote:

    My daughters due date for her baby being born is the day of the Audition,March 26. I will be a grandma for the first time. i hope the little hurry,s up.I will have more heart to sing. God bless
    and good luck to all.

    3/9/2011 8:51 AM PDT

  32. Phil Circelli Jr. - wrote:

    At first I thought my audition would be before 3-4 thousand people and a few judges, as stated in one of your first e-mails, which sounded great; and a real singer couldn’t be denied, with an audience there. But now the latest e-mail says just a judge will be there; looking for someone who will get a good laugh on your T.V. show.’ Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself’. Simon says ‘I’m a real singer’. Contact me when you get serious about it; or let me get up alongside one of your judges that sings; and I’ll blow him or her off the stage. (I don’t think I’ll hear from you; but I really wish you’d take me up on my offer.) Phil

    3/9/2011 9:06 AM PDT

  33. lamar tucker - wrote:

    where is the area in dallas where they are holding the auditions?

    3/9/2011 9:13 AM PDT

  34. moe - wrote:

    Just sign up i got this hope prayfully i get the call bak….

    3/9/2011 9:16 AM PDT

  35. Phil Circelli Jr. - wrote:

    I know my first comment is awaiting moderation- hope it’s not too real for you. Phil (The Real Thing).

    3/9/2011 9:27 AM PDT

  36. Rachel and Audie - wrote:

    Rachel: Yay!!! Dallas auditions are posted!!! We will miss the last day of school!!! Oh well….IT’S WORTH IT!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    Audie: Hello people! I come in pieces! (and I bring cookies from the dark side muahahaha!

    Rachel: Wow…ok then…..ANYWAY…..

    Rachel and Audie: Look out America!!! Here come two fired up 15-year-olds!!!!

    3/9/2011 11:23 AM PDT

  37. Taylor Dayne - wrote:

    hey mom, yeah can i skip school and have you drive me 5 hours to Miami? No? oh ok LA? Dallas? Oh. ok

    COME TO MONTGOMERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

    3/9/2011 1:14 PM PDT

  38. Brenda Smith - wrote:

    Hello X Factor.

    I have a question on, what are the proceedings when auditing, if you are accepted do you get a ticket in, or do you have more auditions to participate in?

    Thank You!


    Brenda Smith

    3/9/2011 2:02 PM PDT

  39. Lisa - wrote:


    3/9/2011 3:34 PM PDT

  40. Kei'arri - wrote:

    I am only twelve but I am ready for this experance and if I win I will donat the mony and keep some for me and give some to my familly and put some up for college when I grow up I want to be a sergent and help pepole in ever way that I can.

    3/9/2011 4:16 PM PDT

  41. Aaliyah - wrote:

    Is there a way that i will be able to send a video audtion to the x factor?

    3/9/2011 4:48 PM PDT

  42. Emily - wrote:

    i need to know what a wristband collection is and if im allowed to be on if im 11 but will be 12 soon

    3/9/2011 5:27 PM PDT

  43. Rachel - wrote:

    What’s the deal with the Dallas audition dates going back to TBA? They were posted today, but now it is showing TBA again! This is so frustrating!!!

    3/9/2011 5:48 PM PDT

  44. Donnie Grillo - wrote:

    Everyones been telling me I’m amazing since I was a kid. I am 42 and am at my peak vocally and performance. This is a no brainer.

    3/9/2011 6:30 PM PDT

  45. Donnie Grillo - wrote:

    I love Chicago

    3/9/2011 6:31 PM PDT

  46. Erica - wrote:

    Thanks to you all, Simon and Company! I am 35yrs old and have exceeded the age requirements since the 1st season of “Idol”. Xfactor is an answered prayer for me… See you all in Dallas!!!

    3/9/2011 8:24 PM PDT

  47. Rachel - wrote:

    Well this is awkward. The Dallas dates were posted today at my luunchtime, but now it’s back to TBA????!!! Please explain this!!!!!!

    3/9/2011 8:50 PM PDT

  48. Zak Dronek - wrote:

    Where are the parent/Guardian forms on here?? And if your actual parent cant bring you, where are the notary slips alowing guardianship for this purpose??

    3/9/2011 11:43 PM PDT

  49. loveSInger - wrote:

    I’m so stoked that FINALLY I have the opportunity to let my musical gift shine!!! I’ve been ready all my life for this time!

    3/10/2011 12:05 AM PDT

  50. Lisa - wrote:


    3/10/2011 7:41 AM PDT

  51. Lynn Lu - wrote:

    Why are Dallas auditions like a mounth from Chicago auditions?

    3/10/2011 1:54 PM PDT

  52. Lynn Lu - wrote:

    I agree totaly 100% with Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3/10/2011 1:55 PM PDT

  53. Robert Walker Jr - wrote:

    Is there an age requirement for this show as well. I was turned away from American I dol not because I couldnt sing, but because I was a year too old. I hope not.

    3/10/2011 3:31 PM PDT

  54. Wanda Jackson - wrote:

    My question? May we select any 3 three songs to sing at the audition

    Choose a verse and chorus from three different songs to sing without backing music – just vocals. You may not get to perform all three, but be prepared just in case! This isn’t the time to go with obvious choices. Pick songs that are unique to your personal talents and highlight what it is that you do best.

    I’m soooooo Ready….

    3/10/2011 3:59 PM PDT

  55. Jimi Fever - wrote:

    Watch out Seattle the Fever is coming to town Jimi Fever is gonna let loose, Watch out cause here i come!!!!

    3/10/2011 4:25 PM PDT

  56. Vicky - wrote:

    I am a family member that will going with person who is attending the LA location try outs. How do I obtain my wrist band to be with them on the 27th. Do I need to register some place or do we just get them at same location on Saturday the 26 as the person who is already registered to sing?

    3/10/2011 10:14 PM PDT

  57. Divine King Ego - wrote:

    Are rappers eligible

    3/10/2011 10:39 PM PDT

  58. Divine King Ego - wrote:

    I dont mean loud disrespectable garbage but true R.A.P (Rhythm and Poetry). I can sing but not good enough that I would enter a contest but my songwriting skills are beautifully displayed in my lyrical content.

    3/10/2011 10:48 PM PDT

  59. winta - wrote:

    i am not a U.S citizen yet am a permanent resident. so can i still audition?

    3/11/2011 6:57 AM PDT

  60. Lisa - wrote:


    3/11/2011 7:42 AM PDT

  61. Ryan - wrote:

    Is it completely unreasonable to ask for at least ONE audition on a weekend? People can’t just take off from their jobs/school randomly to audition for the show when they have their lives to tend to… :(

    3/11/2011 11:32 AM PDT

  62. Brianna Wigen - wrote:

    Do you need to register before hand to get a wrist band for auditions? Or do you just show up? Please reply! Thanks so much!

    3/11/2011 12:37 PM PDT

  63. Don - wrote:

    @Robert – the only age limit is, you have to be at least 12 years old. There is no “too old” in The X Factor (that’s one of its selling points).

    3/11/2011 4:30 PM PDT

  64. Litah - wrote:

    I tried to register for the LA auditions and it will not go through. Please help.

    3/11/2011 9:49 PM PDT

  65. Morgan Gonzalez - wrote:

    Hello ,
    Everyone I will be auditioning. On Sunday March 11. This has always been my dream to sing , I love to sing and i would love for my voice to be heard.

    3/12/2011 11:16 AM PDT

  66. Hunter - wrote:

    I havent got a email back yet and im worried. and does every1 get a wristband? some1 please answer my questions thx soo much.

    3/12/2011 12:16 PM PDT

  67. Lisa - wrote:


    3/12/2011 1:01 PM PDT

  68. dave - wrote:

    hey Morgan Gonzalez the auditions dont start until the 27th of march if your going 2 l.a but u have 2 be there on the 26th to get the wristbands and register

    3/12/2011 2:30 PM PDT

  69. Hunter - wrote:

    Did any1 get thier email cause i havent please please please please someone answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    3/12/2011 2:30 PM PDT

  70. R. Small - wrote:

    Please ask Mr. Simon Cowell if he has ever considered giving us Commoners a chance to be a judge? I’m musically inclined, have a good ear for music, willing and able and can offer a fair assessment. I believe I could add a little spice to the show. For real………….

    3/12/2011 4:34 PM PDT

  71. Emily Michalak - wrote:

    I’m 12 years old and whenever I try to register, it doesnt work. my friend did hers right in front of me so i know somethings wrong. i read everything but it says something about when your less than 13 yrs. old, that Xfactor cannot know my personal info. Does that mean my mom has to register and i preform?? im so confused. Please answer. The Newark auditions is in like a month and im worried. HELP!

    3/12/2011 7:06 PM PDT

  72. Jaida - wrote:

    I love to sing . I have been singing since I was born . Im in select chours in my school . I just wish auditions would go to NYC . You guys can still watch me sing on You -Tube . I will be coming up with some more songs soon . Just watch , comment , and please subscribe . – Jaida

    3/12/2011 8:39 PM PDT

  73. Ann - wrote:

    I am so excited about this! Singing is my passion and I love it! Please contact me. I havent gotten anything back. Thanks!

    3/13/2011 9:35 AM PDT

  74. Viola Shimko - wrote:


    Why didn’t “X Factor”, choose a venue that is easily accessible? (ie McCormick Place, like America’s Got Talent does)!!! NOW, I may not be able to go and audition, DUE TO THIS “OUT IN THE BOONDOCKS AREA”…

    3/13/2011 11:18 AM PDT

  75. xuyen - wrote:

    my audition place is very far and my mom won’t probably be able to drive me there


    3/13/2011 12:10 PM PDT

  76. F. Petrucci - wrote:

    If I pass the initial audition and am selected to go forward to the next level; what comes next? Will I be required to stay in Newark for further auditions/rehearsal or what? I/we need details for planning purposes. Please advise.

    3/13/2011 4:41 PM PDT

  77. ivan peterson - wrote:

    does the american x factor feel that the situation regarding cheryl coles participation in this years x factor will not be good for the show.i cant help think that by rejecting her as a judge after cosecutive wins and a finalist in the british x factor will in affect make the show look as though it feels that outsiders do not have any significant input
    also it looks like the girl is being punished for some reason why offer a job if its not available .

    3/13/2011 5:14 PM PDT

  78. crystal - wrote:

    I signed up for the chicago auditions!! was so excited to go but now that i got a pay decrease i’m stuck not able to go. Does anyone know if they are pulling any online auditions> i would love to be there but i guess this must be a sign who knows. I would love to show America my talent but i guess not this year good luck to all that is going to auditions i hope the best for all of you !! Just always remember stay strong have a strong performance and they are bound to keep ya . Go with your heart on your song do not pick a hard one for a audition. pick what fits you best . I really do wish you all the best of luck Have a great Audition all

    3/13/2011 6:39 PM PDT

  79. Caleb - wrote:

    I signed up for chicago and ima win this show!!!!!!!!! remember my name

    3/14/2011 8:55 AM PDT

  80. Viola Shimko - wrote:

    I wrote yesterday, that I signed up for CHICAGO AUDITIONS. “And”, that now I most likely will not be able to attend, due to “transportation problems”, in getting out to Sears Center Arena.

    I planned on traveling to Chicago, “for the day”. NOW, you have to be there 2 days, ( for the wristband, & then the audition). This poses a dilemma, for me.

    MY DREAM TO SING, has been since age of 3. “LIFE” – HAS STOMPED ON MY PROGRESS!!! Inasmuch, as SUSAN BOYLE has succeeded , “at a mature age”, it is gratifying to see that X FACTOR, “REALIZES THAT TALENT”‘, comes in all “SHAPES AND AGES”.

    I’m hoping to “yet”, find my way to the auditions!!! BUT, X FACTOR says, that “registering & obtaining a wristband”, DOES NOT GUARANTEE that one will be auditioned !!! Upon getting all the way to Chicago, I’m fearful this “would happen to me”.

    Also , ‘IF TIME IS LIMITED”, the producers will search the crowd, for “STAR QUALITY”, to audition!!! I have to state my opinion, on that: SUSAN BOYLE , did not “appear to have “star quality”!!! Would Susan Boyle, have been bypassed???

    “APPEARANCE IS NOT THE TOTAL FACTOR”, (in being a star, and recording records). I think Susan has proved that…

    3/14/2011 10:27 AM PDT

  81. Kaylah - wrote:

    Umm if u audition for the show can you sing with a partner. or is it just for solo singers?

    3/14/2011 3:30 PM PDT

  82. David - wrote:

    Can I just come and watch the LA auditions? I am not a performer–just want to watch from the audience.

    3/14/2011 5:04 PM PDT

  83. BUCK50 RAHMIER - wrote:


    3/14/2011 5:22 PM PDT

  84. BUCK50 RAHMIER - wrote:


    3/14/2011 5:26 PM PDT

  85. Traemayne Brown - wrote:

    Can I Use And Alias Or Stage Name For The Show

    3/14/2011 10:08 PM PDT

  86. James Calliver - wrote:

    Will there be a public audience for US X FACTOR?

    3/14/2011 10:18 PM PDT

  87. Eustache J. Patrick - wrote:

    I need only one chance to perform in front of you, only one.

    3/14/2011 11:35 PM PDT

  88. Eustache J. Patrick - wrote:

    yes one chance to shine

    3/14/2011 11:36 PM PDT

  89. buffalogirl - wrote:

    Can I email a performance.

    3/15/2011 12:38 AM PDT

  90. Accepthis Cross - wrote:

    You go the day before the auditions and show ID and then get your wristband and turn in your release form. Then the next day (Bright & Early) :) you go wait in line to audition and then audition. The rest is all speculation because this show is new in the US. After the first audition in L.A., there will be a better idea of what happens. Hope that helps and Godbless!

    3/15/2011 7:14 AM PDT

  91. Luis - wrote:

    Will the contestants perform in front of an audience or just the judges? I’m not a singer,, but id like to go and them perform…….

    please reply asap


    3/15/2011 12:58 PM PDT

  92. Lisa - wrote:


    3/15/2011 2:10 PM PDT

  93. Lisa - wrote:


    3/15/2011 2:12 PM PDT

  94. Cieara Stroud - wrote:

    I am really looking forward to rocking the stage in my audition, though i am 12 years old, age isnt nothing but a number and i am glad that Simon and the xfactor producers is allowing young talent to showcase there skills, Good Luck to all of the contestants and God Bless everyone!

    3/15/2011 3:12 PM PDT

  95. jocy - wrote:

    I am so looking forward to the auditions in jersey. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Good Luck or better yet.
    Break A Leg!!!

    3/15/2011 7:36 PM PDT

  96. jennifer Nuesi - wrote:

    Hey guys! I was wondering if they will give us a list of songs that we can sing? or if they are on the website please let me know. I want to start practicing. I don’t want Simon to make fun of me on TV. lol

    3/15/2011 8:55 PM PDT

  97. elaine n st george - wrote:

    Interested in auditioning in Miami in April. Please send directions and more info on what they are looking for and which parts.

    3/16/2011 3:25 AM PDT

  98. Marni Tutt - wrote:

    Your dates for Dallas are different from the email I received. What ARE the actual dates?

    3/16/2011 10:09 AM PDT

  99. adriana - wrote:

    I am about to become resident of USA, but don’t have the resolution yet; can I still go to the audition?

    3/16/2011 11:29 AM PDT

  100. Paulette Trent - wrote:

    I would like to audition in Newark, NJ. I can’t find the release/audition form on the site. Can anyone assist?

    3/16/2011 11:33 AM PDT

  101. Virginia Martin ez - wrote:

    Does anyone know how much time there going to give us to sing our song? 1 minute, seconds. It would be good to know to be prepared.

    3/16/2011 12:30 PM PDT

  102. Virginia Martinez - wrote:

    How much time do we have to sing ? 1 minute 30 seconds ?

    3/16/2011 12:34 PM PDT

  103. Virginia Martinez - wrote:

    How much time do we have to sing 1 minute ? 30 seconds ?

    3/16/2011 12:34 PM PDT

  104. Carmen - wrote:

    OMG! I wanted to sing for American Idol but there was always a cut off for age! Now the age is not a factor and it’s great! I now have an opportunity to at least try and see how far I can go!!! Hopefully all the way to the big win with Gods help and guidance. Good luck to all of us and never give up on your dreams!!!!!

    3/16/2011 12:37 PM PDT

  105. Jesse Mendez - wrote:

    I noticed you wrote if we are picked as a call back to sing in May thru June of 2011, we might have to sing a song from a possible list from the producer and possible one from our list. Is there a tentative list at the moment from the producers so we may see if we can actually sing any of the songs the producer may want us to sing? Thanks!
    I work for TSA part of Homeland Security and will be driving in from Reno, NV. It is very hard to get time off from my job and need at least 2 weeks to put in a request for any available time slots at my job. I don’t want to risk my job in the event I am not chosen to come back, but I have waited near a half century to do this performance. I Is there a possibility of helping with transportation back to LA, from Reno in the event that I am chosen as a comeback in later rounds? Thanks for your consideration and response.
    Signed humbly yours,
    Officer Jesse Mendez

    3/16/2011 2:44 PM PDT

  106. Lisa - wrote:


    3/16/2011 2:46 PM PDT

  107. Jessica Bostrom - wrote:

    Question, why are you guys only going to a few cities? i dont live anywhere near them and i was hopping you guys could come up north a little. i would love to particitpate

    3/16/2011 5:33 PM PDT

  108. Jessica Bostrom - wrote:

    please reply

    3/16/2011 5:39 PM PDT

  109. pat rainey - wrote:

    would like to know the answer to the question of – any accommodations for family that is handicapped, i.e., wheel or transport chairs or other seating arrangements? can I please have a response via email? my sister wants to come with me but she cannot wait standing in lines. thx

    3/16/2011 6:36 PM PDT

  110. Victoria - wrote:

    Oh em gee i can’t wait for this! I love to sing and i signed up for this already and i am just really glad that someone is smart enough to do a show for people who love to sing because how else are the-next-things gonna get famous? (: i’m 13 and can’t wait for the x-factor people to come to Dallas baby!

    3/16/2011 7:48 PM PDT

  111. Bianca - wrote:

    I’m so ready for Chicago audition!…so ready to do ma thang! Good Luck Everyone!

    3/16/2011 8:59 PM PDT

  112. Carmen G - wrote:

    When will you have some acts for very talented younger girls who are 9 years of age but they sing like they are 18. Let me know, because this little girl is amazing , and already is giving people chills when she sings to them…ask Ralph Brown of the Cardinals…He said she had a beautiful voice….

    3/16/2011 10:40 PM PDT

  113. Jake - wrote:

    I keep reading about registration forms. Are there registration forms to fill out before the wristband day or do you just get the wristband on the day before and your ready to audition the next day as long as you have the appropriate documents? I was also wondering about what to expect on the audition day, how many preliminary rounds are there, and

    3/16/2011 10:51 PM PDT

  114. Michael Friday - wrote:

    Thank you for the opportunity to audition for X Factor. I’ll bring my voice.

    3/17/2011 6:56 AM PDT

  115. Autumn - wrote:

    so in the FAQ, it says if you make it past the initial round, you may be asked to stay several days for further auditioning. what if you cant because you live in another city and have a job to go back to or your ride has a job to go back to?

    3/17/2011 11:34 AM PDT

  116. Sandre colf - wrote:

    My question is, do u feel like a male has mor chances than a femail on winning x-factor? Answer truly, I mean justin bieber is loved by everyone and i feel like males are dominant (they get girls vote) what do u think?

    3/17/2011 3:15 PM PDT

  117. Johnny thomas griego - wrote:

    I will be the first american Indian from New Mexico ,possibly , that will amaze you Simon. I have been singing for a long time and hope I can wow you. I’m getting ready and so excited!!!

    3/17/2011 4:19 PM PDT

  118. brianna..... - wrote:

    what do i have to do if i am in a vocal group and were all 12 years old. and just my parent is bringing us. what do i have to do???? cause you have to have your parent or legal guardian has to be with you.

    3/17/2011 5:53 PM PDT

  119. - wrote:

    Can rappers with original lyrics audition?

    3/17/2011 6:29 PM PDT

  120. Brooke - wrote:

    ok so I know you have to bring 2 forms of identification, but for the examples they give they always mention birth certificate? Do i have to bring that or is just my drivers license and passport ok?

    3/17/2011 11:50 PM PDT

  121. dave - wrote:

    no Brooke u have to at least bring a drivers license and a birth certificate or id with birth certificate

    3/18/2011 8:53 PM PDT

  122. Freda Lindsey - wrote:

    What are the genre requirments, can’t seem to find anywhere!
    Better yet! Will R&B/Hip/Hop be considered, please reply

    3/19/2011 9:43 AM PDT

  123. Paym Murphy - wrote:

    I want to know how I can try out to be a panel judge? I can pick talent!!!!! Been with Idol for 10 years

    3/19/2011 12:02 PM PDT

  124. Angelina - wrote:

    can a rock band audition?

    3/19/2011 12:13 PM PDT

  125. Claudia Saravia - wrote:

    Dear Simon:
    My name is Claudia Saravia and Im a very “big” fan of yours, it is an honour to write you back.
    I received a letter from you inviting me to participate on “The X factor”. It has allways been my dream to show the world my talent. Im a singer, guitarrist and I play keyboards.
    How did you get my email?…
    Im very impressed with this letter cause its like a dream come true. I really respect all your opinions when youre judging someone.
    If you want I can show you my channel on youtube but only if you wish.
    There is this big problem… Im not northamerican Im from Chile, so its very weird to receive this letter. If only I could be Northamerican it would be easier but Im not and thats sad :( .
    But anyway I feel so honoured and grateful to receive this letter from you… And it gives me more strenght to fly with my dream wings… You made me very happy cause youre a very important person in the world.
    (This is the only way I could write you sorry)
    God Bless you
    Claudia Saravia

    3/19/2011 12:56 PM PDT

  126. Rylan - wrote:

    L.A Reid Tho!!!! wow i’ll be their definatly

    3/19/2011 8:33 PM PDT

  127. Georgina - wrote:

    To Simon: I just found out that your staff has been in touch with Clarence at Ark Music. Please contact me directly to discuss Rebecca. She has no agent or manager and she does not have an exclusive contract with anyone at this time. This is the only way I have found to reach out. Thanks!

    3/20/2011 7:41 AM PDT

  128. Love to join your show, it is life changing! - wrote:

    I love to join but I only sing the songs that I write. I cannot sing other songs. It is quite weird…I have written over 60 songs as my hobby & released 27 online. I make up my own melody without
    knowing how to read notes & never went to music school at all due to lack of finances & I decided to pursue my dreams by creating my own Genre called: Preach N’ Sing. Meaning, I preach the Word of God in a form of a song. At this time, I do not know where I am going with this..with limited knowledge & resources, I continue to promote thru my site: Should I join your show? Please advise.
    My # 702-233-8883. Thank you for your time. Blessings to you.

    3/20/2011 8:40 AM PDT

  129. kate - wrote:

    how many people make the cut for each location?!

    3/20/2011 11:14 AM PDT

  130. taryn - wrote:

    I think you guys should come to cleveland.there hasn’t been really any exposure for cleveland but its plenty of talent.

    3/20/2011 12:00 PM PDT

  131. Lisa - wrote:


    3/20/2011 12:20 PM PDT

  132. Will - wrote:

    Does anybody know where we send the contract? ASAP THATNKS!! :)

    3/20/2011 9:33 PM PDT

  133. Ted "T. J." Johnson - wrote:

    Wow, I can’t wait to sing in front of these two industry giants.
    See you both in Chicago in April. This show will be great!
    Just imagine ALL the talent in the age brackets mentioned.
    Should be an awesome show this Fall.


    3/21/2011 5:13 AM PDT

  134. Ida Lancaster - wrote:

    Yeah, Theresa Lam, you go girls, She will perform on March27th
    we love you girl and and hoping and praying you are selected!!

    3/21/2011 11:16 AM PDT

  135. chaz langdon - wrote:

    how does the xfactor value a recording contract at $5 million?

    3/21/2011 3:55 PM PDT

  136. Brenna - wrote:

    Without Cheryl Cole, we will not be watching. She is way too good not to be on the US version of X factor.

    3/21/2011 5:13 PM PDT

  137. anthony - wrote:

    does it cost money for the wristband

    3/21/2011 5:52 PM PDT

  138. anthony - wrote:

    do you need photos of yourself

    3/21/2011 5:54 PM PDT

  139. RON L> - wrote:

    Well I’ve been waiting 70 years to be discovered!!!!! I don’t think it took Columbus that long..

    3/21/2011 6:51 PM PDT

  140. Jay - wrote:

    Will it be a private audition or in front of crowd?

    3/21/2011 7:53 PM PDT

  141. becca - wrote:

    Is there any other way to audition? I’m 14 and believe I have the talent but, im not sure I’ll be able to miss school.

    3/21/2011 10:08 PM PDT

  142. Darlene voglezond - wrote:

    Are there fees for family and friend who would like to attend
    the arena on Sunday 27th?

    3/21/2011 10:48 PM PDT

  143. John Gavert - wrote:

    Hi Seattle producers, SIMON, boys and girls, Im coming to do my very best and what comes of it will be determined, See everyone in I hope not rainy Seattle, Good luck everybody, I guess im choosing to do this out of state so if at all else we could meet new friends or acquaintances to TEXT or call, take care everyone until Seattle John LOS ANGELES:

    3/22/2011 12:58 AM PDT

  144. John Gavert - wrote:

    no additional coments thank you for opportunity to audition JOHN LOS ANGELES

    3/22/2011 1:00 AM PDT

  145. FOX Broadcasting Company - The X Factor USA - Simon Cowell's Brand New Singing Competition Comes To America Only On FOX - wrote:

    [...] LINKS Audition Details Los Angeles Auditions Download Official Rules and Release What Not to [...]

    3/22/2011 10:49 AM PDT

  146. Savannah Sansores - wrote:

    If i were to make it through to the auditions it would go into summer right? i have a counselor job at a camp and need to make a wise decision of what i am going to do:/

    3/22/2011 11:40 AM PDT

  147. Heather - wrote:

    Will yall be doing any auditions in Tennessee??

    3/22/2011 12:00 PM PDT

  148. Lisa - wrote:


    3/22/2011 12:30 PM PDT

  149. keevin - wrote:

    Since I have been sedated for about 15 of the last 20 yrs with what was called the most severe pain known to man as I underwent 3 brain surgeries to fix the problem. It was great to finally come out of a fog and be able to sing again. I look forward to this competition as i thought I was too old to get back into music. Thanks simon for opening up this competition to older people see you in Dallas. I’ve already made hotel resevations again you have my thanks.

    3/22/2011 12:39 PM PDT

  150. David - wrote:

    Cheryl would not go down well with American viewers. I can’t understand a word she says. Cheryl doesn’t even deserve to be on the UK X Factor, let alone the US X Factor. No weak out of tune (so called) singer who can’t sing live should be judging performers who sing live each week. So she shouldn’t be a judge on the US X Factor.

    3/22/2011 1:31 PM PDT

  151. Traze - wrote:

    Curious is it all only for singers, cause I am a song writer of clean hip hop lyrics. I have my own songs and beats ready to go and I am willing to perform. Singing well Id set myself up for one of Simons insults lol.

    3/22/2011 1:59 PM PDT

  152. Rick lowe - wrote:

    What if I have to use the bathroom while standing in a long line.Do I loose my place and start over?

    3/22/2011 3:03 PM PDT

  153. Laura Clare - wrote:

    I am so excited, I hope Cheryl is going to be a Judge, she is amazing!!!

    3/22/2011 6:07 PM PDT

  154. madmaxhouston - wrote:

    well Chaz actually one winner is not getting all 5 million dollars so which that part of the money is going to you and divide most part will be going toward to recording cost, promotion, people you will work with like management, travel cost and video production. Which all cost money so you might get at least one million dollars if you have a hit album and great concert turnout then you will rake more money by Sony Label so depends how many albums you have to do to earn 5 million dollars more!

    3/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT

  155. Wendy - wrote:

    Are the lines going to be divided? i.e. 18 and under in one area, over 50 in another and everyone in between as the remaining lines. Just curious as I wouldn’t think they’d want the youger set, nor the older set being left out in the “elements” for too long….

    3/23/2011 9:01 AM PDT

  156. Terris Man - wrote:

    until what time can I still send in the email singing video clip?
    can I transfer my audition position to others?

    3/23/2011 6:12 PM PDT

  157. Keya - wrote:

    aww…the closet i can go to is New Jersey……idk if my parents will drive me
    i heard they were coming to philly

    3/23/2011 6:37 PM PDT

  158. lizzie ! xo - wrote:

    lol i live right down the street from the new jersey auditions.

    3/23/2011 6:55 PM PDT

  159. Paulsdove77 - wrote:

    why does all these great shows never come to southportland maine? really frustrating when I see american Idol passes maine by. The x-Factor passes maine by. Maine is a Great state, but seems to get overlooked alot.

    3/23/2011 7:47 PM PDT

  160. Nightengael - wrote:

    Rachel and Audie,
    I will be looking for those cookies in Dallas. Lovers of the Dark Side show no fear for Simon’s honesty!

    See you there!


    3/23/2011 10:25 PM PDT

  161. RAYMOND HOSKINS - wrote:

    Good Morning
    immade comments and not posted

    i need times for the wristband on the 26th and audition time to be there on the 27th
    i am ready

    3/24/2011 5:39 AM PDT

  162. IDREA - wrote:

    Do ALL people showing up on SUNDAY need Wristbands and seat assignments? It was mentioned once. Now It’s NOT Clear. Please Clarify. xo I

    3/24/2011 8:11 AM PDT

  163. La Vell - wrote:

    are christian rap artists allowed to audition? Is this show open to that particular genre or not?

    3/24/2011 8:39 AM PDT

  164. Laurette Ben-Nathan - wrote:

    Looking forward to the auditions. It would be such a treat if Simon is at the preliminary auditions. Probably just wishful thinking.

    3/24/2011 10:36 AM PDT

  165. Vicky Marx - wrote:

    Excited is an understatement.

    3/24/2011 10:52 AM PDT

  166. Mona - wrote:

    Could someone please tell me if the birth certificate has to be original. We just sent my son’s original for the application of a new passport and we only have a copy of it. Thank you!

    3/24/2011 11:04 AM PDT

  167. jovan - wrote:

    im in there baby here i so excited

    3/24/2011 12:22 PM PDT

  168. Alexander G. - wrote:


    3/24/2011 3:34 PM PDT

  169. Lisa - wrote:

    P L E A S E Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel, CHERYL IS FABULOUS

    3/24/2011 4:16 PM PDT

  170. Wayne Hamilton - wrote:

    I will be auditioning in Los Angeles. I have been singing for almost 33 years; I started when I was 3. My mother was a professional entertainer, specializing in Country music. I have sung almost every style of music in the known civilized world, and music has been my #1 passion as long as I remember. My goal has been to become a recording artist, and to share the gift God gave me with the world. Whether I make the cut or not, I will continue to share my voice with those who will listen. To those auditioning- best of luck. That being said- watch out, L.A.! I plan to make an impact, and take no prisoners!

    3/24/2011 10:48 PM PDT

  171. Aaron - wrote:

    have 3 songs prepared with no background tracks just verse & chorus ** ?? But every I find a video of Simon he mentions singing in front of 3-4,000 people with a background track? Should I prepare for a background track? at what point? then should I know the entire song or just one verse & chorus? What if the version I am preparing with no background track is not even close to the tempo of the original song? Will I be hosed if I make it passed the initial screening? This is a little unclear. Please help so that I am as prepared as possible – so that I can be “FANTASTIC”

    3/24/2011 11:05 PM PDT

  172. Mimi - wrote:

    Some of the comments and questions have me LMAO! If you love music and singing is something you do well and have loved for a long time…take a chance and audition. Worry about getting through and dealing with drastic decision making once you know that there is a decision to be made. This is happening in front of producers who can like you or not, you will move on in round format though apparently there’s only one producer round. You’ll know if you move on in 10 seconds or less…on the spot! So if you got it, give it to them and Best of Luck! I know I’m taking a chance…what have you got to lose?

    3/25/2011 12:20 AM PDT

  173. Daniel Gunderson - wrote:

    i am try out for it in chicago next month and i am probably going to be singing justin bieber or britney spears

    3/25/2011 10:15 AM PDT

  174. Jeannie Greer~~~ - wrote:

    Thank U Simon Cowell & Affliates, I.E… “Fox Broadcasting Company” for this 1ce in a “Life Time” opportunity which affords people over the age of 24 an opportunity to compete & or show case our talents! At age 53yrs, I am enamored with the entertainment industry & have been told several times that I was too OLD even at the tender age of 26 when persueing modeling. Perhaps my ship has not sailed completely away after all!!!


    3/25/2011 7:01 PM PDT

  175. Jeannie~~~ - wrote:

    Thank You Simon Cowell & Affiliates, I.E… Fox Broadcasting Company for this once in a “Life Time” opportunity which affords more seasoned individuals an opportunity to compete & or show case our talents! I am enamored with the entertainment industry and just perhaps my ship has not sailed completely away after all!!! :)


    3/25/2011 8:03 PM PDT

  176. Jeannie~~~ - wrote:

    Thank You Simon Cowell & Affiliates for this once in a “Life Time” opportunity which affords more seasoned individuals an opportunity to compete & or show case OUR Talents on National Television!!! I am enamored with the entertainment industry and just perhaps my ship has not sailed completely away after all? :)
    God Bless~~~

    3/25/2011 8:26 PM PDT

  177. kukuman - wrote:

    Is this a really real audition, or just kind of an audition? Also, can a person participate if they speak another language, or is it for just people who speak American? And can I sing more than 10 songs? Thanks.

    3/25/2011 11:12 PM PDT

  178. Colette G - wrote:

    I love singing and I am from New York. Any idea when auditions will be?

    3/26/2011 5:28 AM PDT

  179. British person, I know everything - wrote:

    First of all u can collect ur wristband at any time. I think. Ur audition will be in front of thousand people or so. Background music also. :)

    3/26/2011 5:42 AM PDT

  180. Janella Tibbetts - wrote:

    Can you add Boston in there??

    3/26/2011 8:57 AM PDT

  181. Sami B - wrote:

    I heard somewhere that Leighton Meester’s (Gossip Girl, Country Strong) cousin is going to audition in Miami and that he can sing his %$*^# off. His name is David McNelis but he goes by David Michael. Anybody hear about this??

    3/26/2011 10:28 AM PDT

  182. Jessica Cabral - wrote:

    I got my wristband today.It was really easy. But make sure you bring your ids everyone, even your parents and guests. I am going to rock tomorrow!!!so exited!

    3/26/2011 2:51 PM PDT

  183. Brianna - wrote:

    I have school the day of the Seattle Auditions! What should I do? Ask all my teachers for the homework for the day? Or, in case I make it past auditions, for a few weeks?

    3/26/2011 4:48 PM PDT

  184. Lisa - wrote:

    P L E A S E Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel she will be GREAT. CHERYL IS AWESOME

    3/26/2011 5:29 PM PDT

  185. Eric - wrote:


    3/26/2011 6:27 PM PDT

  186. Patrick - wrote:

    I am in Dalas Tx, I am signed up and excited.

    3/27/2011 2:36 PM PDT

  187. Madi - wrote:

    Who are the judges????? I’m auditioning in May for the Dallas one and I kinda wanna know…Please comment!! :)

    3/27/2011 5:09 PM PDT

  188. X Pissed Off - wrote:


    3/27/2011 8:16 PM PDT

  189. shannon - wrote:

    I have been singing since the 4th grade writing songs since the age of 16.i have suffered from anxiety due to pts from surviving domestic violence almost losing my life on several occassions i pray for the day i can break into the industry and offer my talents 2 the world…

    3/27/2011 9:51 PM PDT

  190. brandi - wrote:

    I can’t wait til x factor come to the chi I’m so there baby!!!

    3/27/2011 10:41 PM PDT

  191. j joseph - wrote:

    Auditioned in LA today. Unfortunately for me I had an allergic reaction to the ac in the building. Junk on my voc cords. No voice. Judge was very kind. I could see the sympathy on his face. The good thing is XFactor is a great experience. I’ve been singing a long long time but this by far has been my best experience at any super sing along. This was on my “bucket list,” and I was not let down. Wished I could have met Simon because I am often compared to him in my frankness and honesty about singers. It’s a gift and some are better than others. I can’t wait to see the show. Get out there and audition bring your family and friends. You will be surrounded by the nicest most fun people you can imagine. It’s X Y & Z Factor all the way. It truly was a great experience I will never forget. Thanks, XFactor.

    3/27/2011 11:46 PM PDT

  192. julia - wrote:

    I auditioned today and got thru! A gold card. So when do I go back???

    3/28/2011 1:22 AM PDT

  193. Martha H - wrote:

    Hi! I’ve been a singer & songwriter for some years now, I play guitar & piano and I have signed up for the auditions and read the rules of XFactor. I’ve been searching for an opportunity like this all my life… the thing is, I’m not a US permanent resident yet, don’t have a green card yet, but I’m elegible to work in the US, and I believe I can be an interesting option for the XFactor, plus I think this is A GREAT opportunity, one I really don’t want to miss…
    Can I audition? When I do, could I stay in the competition for the next rounds knowing I’m not a permanent resident yet? Would your company help and support me with my visa documents if I stay for the advanced rounds?
    Could I send you a video so you can watch, listen and then consider this situation? I really need to have this information, since this effort means a traveling expenses, and I wouldn’t like to be there and not be able to perform or to continue in the competition for paper-work reasons that have nothing to do with music.
    All I want is an opportunity: I’m ready to go audition in any of the next cities you’re having auditions, just say yes, and I’ll be there.
    Thanks, for the possiblility, for keeping all these dreams alive an making them true for so many.
    I’m looking forward to hear from you, and to send you my material so you can decide about it.

    3/28/2011 1:58 PM PDT

  194. ann - wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    I auditioned in la yesterday. First of all they tell you to get there before which i did. then they keep you waiting 2hrs in the rain outside before they let you in. once inside I waited around 13 or 14 hrs to audition. this was the shocker!!!!! they have 20 booths and put 20 singers inside each one. when you start to sing everyone else is singing at the same time in their own booth. each singer has a judge. Mine kept turning his head from left to right as he couldn’t hear me. I am very angry about this whole audition. Every singer should sing alone in front of a judge or judges. It was horrible. Would like to contact simon. but how???? I’m shocked that he would have such a horrible set up for all of the singers. Would like to hear from anyone out there who auditioned yesterday. disgusting!!!!! very unprofessional to say the least!!!!!! It ws like somethin out of a laurel and hardy movie. ann

    3/28/2011 2:05 PM PDT

  195. Lisa - wrote:

    PLEASE Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel, Cheryl will be G R E A T on U.S.X Factor. CHERYL IS FABULOUS

    3/28/2011 5:02 PM PDT

  196. sandy - wrote:

    can you audition at two venues for the same season?

    3/28/2011 5:04 PM PDT

  197. Johnnyg - wrote:

    I think the producers of XFactor should get an unknown to be a finalist judge. I’m up for the job. I can give constructive criticism and handle my own with the big picture. If it were my 5 million I’d make sure I was going to invest it well on the right person. Stars aren’t born they’re made. I want to help make a star for Fox’s XFactor. The talent will be there. Simon always knows.

    3/28/2011 5:57 PM PDT

  198. anonymous - wrote:

    If you want to get through… you have to :
    1. Be the FIRST one in line or one of the first people auditioning: The judges ” producers” get really tired… when they first started almost EVERYONE got a golden ticket! I’m not kidding… I got the opportunity to listen to 5 people who sang GORGEOUS and dressed really different and DIDN’T get the golden ticket because they were like an hour and a half after they started…
    2. DRESS AS RIDICULOUS as you CAN… yes guys…. believe it or not… people that wore pink hair, went in boxers, dressed as the mad hatter etc got through….
    3. so you thought singing was going to help? well apparently you have to SCREAM your lungs out to get through!!! sooooooooo many people were screaming it was really bothering after one point… but hey! they got through…

    soo there you go… BEWARE guys… they’re looking for GOOD TV… which means really bad auditions, people who are funny and sing horrible… so there you go… now you know ;)

    3/28/2011 8:26 PM PDT

  199. Trey - wrote:

    Im 16 and ready to become the next star! I have the guts and talent…. Thank you God for another chance for Seattle,WA. to show what we got!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3/28/2011 8:50 PM PDT

  200. Jessie - wrote:

    Does anyone from the L.A. auditions know – if you get your wristbands early the day before, does that mean you will be the first to audition the following day? Was the auditioning process first come first served on the day of the auditions? Did they have enough time to audition everyone in one day?

    3/28/2011 11:04 PM PDT

  201. Anonymous - wrote:


    I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! It was very disturbing to be listening to everyone at the same time… besides EVERY PRODUCER has different TASTE!!! they will choose whatever THEY like… it’s really not fair… besides… if you’re the last ONE or one of the LAST ONES your opportunity to go on to the next round doesn’t really stand a chance!!! THEY GET TIRED…

    3/29/2011 11:20 AM PDT

  202. betty hanson - wrote:

    why can’t Simon level with contestants and inform them ahead of time about the long hours ahead of waiting outside in any kind of weather, as well as making you arrive early when it isn’t necessary. There is something very insincere about Simon that is beginning to surface with his insincerity.

    3/29/2011 11:51 AM PDT

  203. Lisa - wrote:

    P L E A S E Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel she will G R E A T on U.S.Xfactor CHERYL IS FABULOUS

    3/29/2011 2:09 PM PDT

  204. Kay Ki - wrote:

    I have 16years old daughter. She just turn 16.
    She love to sing and she compose also. She made her CD.
    She really like to to audition at Portland,Oregon on April 01,2011.
    But she will be out of town. I wonder if i can send her CD to you directly and you can listen. This will be her suprise! Thanks!

    3/29/2011 2:32 PM PDT

  205. Faeythimani West - wrote:

    I have school that those 2 days! I was wondering if you can convice my mom to pull me out of skool those 2 days? I really want to audition but I order for to do that my mom must be conviced to let me.

    3/29/2011 11:14 PM PDT

  206. Cynthia Summers - wrote:

    Didn’t go to the auditions and from the comments here and the contract one would have to sign, I am glad I didn’t. Since i have written over 10,000 songs I will still keep plodding along. But I believe we are entitled to royalties and residuals of our work. And the problem with these shows on all tv networks is that the big corporations want to own you and what you create without paying for it. I am surprised that the songwriting organizations and SAG haven’t made these contracts more public. ALL of them are pretty dismal. The best of luck to everyone who tries out and makes it. I just hope it is worth it in the long run.

    3/30/2011 4:51 AM PDT

  207. Maria Newberry - wrote:

    Thankyou, for giving my son the opportunity to try out, perform for the XFactor, I really don’t know who to address this to, but here it goes, Music has saved my son’s life. He has been bullied all his life because of his constant battles with Asbergers Syndronme. When you do met him, interveiw him ,he dosn’t let anyone know just how much every day, for him is a struggle. When you met him and ask him about his life, he will tell you all the positives, which have reinforced his life over the years…. Every day for him is a challenge, but knowing that he can turn to his Saxophone, guitar, clarinet, voice(which is also his instrument) is remarkable! We are so proud of him. Like I said, you wouldn’t know ALL the things he has and now goes through, when hearing him sing like Josh Groban, or play his Saxophone so perfectly, it sounds like a violin. Channeling his negative thoughts into positive thoughts , through his music, is a gift. Again thankyou for letting him experience the XFactor, he will turn this into a positive experience through his music, to keep striving, no mater what! He sings and plays from the heart..which he turns to God every Sunday to share his talents…

    3/30/2011 5:15 AM PDT

  208. Hector - wrote:

    My daughter is in 11th grade and I asked the teacher about missing the two days and he was less than happy with the idea, is there anything else I can do to make this happen for my daughter?
    She recently visited Orlando and tried out at the American Idol experience, she went through all eliminations and in the final five of 245 people she finished 3rd she was the only minor of the five. I believe in her and would like to see her dream of singing get a push…. She is now 16 years old.
    Proud Father…..

    3/30/2011 5:35 AM PDT

  209. Hector - wrote:

    to follow the last comment, she already signed up for miami but when attempting to get school permission i ran into the problem for missing 2 days of class. is there any way around this obstacle.

    3/30/2011 5:37 AM PDT

  210. johnnyg - wrote:

    Okay, Stand outside for many long hours and wait inside for more hours for your chance at fame and fortune? Do it!! Fame isn’t that easy. It’s hard work. It’s everyday as a matter of fact. This is a fast track because the other way takes years of waiting and waiting some more. So get out there! Be prepared for the long days. Again, the experience alone is worth it. The judges are all different but each on is hoping that they are the one that chose the person with the X-Factor. In my book just showing up gives you that X-Factor drive. Go! Go! Go! Here’s your chance to be a shining star. Be the 2011 American X-Factor!!!:-) Go early!

    3/30/2011 11:52 AM PDT

  211. Lisa - wrote:

    PLEASE Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel. Cheryl will be G R E A T on U.S.X Factor. CHERYL IS AWESOME

    3/30/2011 5:43 PM PDT

  212. Lisa - wrote:

    Is it true that once the producers gold tickets are given out, they just say no to everyone after that?

    3/31/2011 8:03 AM PDT

  213. Lisa - wrote:


    3/31/2011 3:46 PM PDT

  214. jennifer davis - wrote:

    so are we allowed to audition first round with music? ive seen conflicting responses to this question. can anyone whos already audition answer this? thanks!!

    3/31/2011 5:14 PM PDT

  215. Kristina - wrote:

    I am going to the Chicago auditons. I am very excited but my family has been low on money and the drive is over 6 hours, and the hotel is going to be expensive also. I like to think that i am very talented and i stand a good chance at making it to the next round. So, just wondering to anyone who has been to auditons, how many people did not get a chance to audition to due too many people, because if i dont stand a chance of even being able to auditon then i am not going to go.

    3/31/2011 7:05 PM PDT

  216. MARY JEAN - wrote:

    I am looking forward to go Chicago for an audition this coming April 27. I’d been singing since when I was little.I’m sure its not too late for me to shine. I am from the Philippines and been here at Michigan for almost five years. I am a permanent resident.
    Singing is my passion in life! See you there..

    4/1/2011 4:51 AM PDT

  217. Crystal Stansfield - wrote:

    I went to the Los Angeles audition, it was rediculous! how are we expected to sing our best when your literally waiting 14 hours to get an audition? not to mention standing in line for two days in a row, each time spanning between 4-6 hours so they can do thier publicity stunts with us as their precious little guinea pigs! I sing my a** off, but because I was exausted from the wait, I screwed up my 3 second audition! this was worse than America’s Got Talent!! I’m sure I am not the only one who feels that way, but whatever, it’s over and done.

    4/1/2011 1:58 PM PDT

  218. kat - wrote:

    umm, about the wristbands, its alredy april first, where do u go to get them for ny/nj residents?

    4/1/2011 9:09 PM PDT

  219. kym - wrote:

    i’m trying out in new jersey! check out my videos on youtube kymkomara and let me know what you think!

    4/2/2011 10:50 AM PDT

  220. Steven R. - wrote:

    Hello X Factor people:)! I have 2 questions to ask: (a) Can we sing original songs? (b) Can we register online? These are my questions and I hope you answer them. Thank You So Much!

    4/2/2011 11:25 PM PDT

  221. Kassandra Almeida - wrote:

    Also Mr.Simon not only im i excited to do this, but my mother is deading to meet you, she totally loves you. So if you are reading these comments, please please let us know how else we can registre for the Miami auditions.

    4/3/2011 7:20 AM PDT

  222. johnnyg - wrote:

    I heard a lot of great singers in LA and I know there are thousands more to be heard. Take your favorite song to sing and add some of your uniqueness to it. Remember your favorite singers are asked to keep it less complicated in the studio so that you the public can sing along. Any good singer can mimic another singers style. You need to be creative, because in the end, that’s what America is looking for. There are thousands of cookie cutter singers out there. Go beyond GaGa or Bennet or Rihanna. Your self expression is key. Being true yourself is as they say is, “keepin’ it real!”. Being nervous or scared is not a bad thing. That will help you excel beyond your own expectations! Most important have fun with the judges. They have very tough decisions to make and your personality is a big part of it. If you don’t make it this year there is always next year. You will grow better. You had better be able to sing, really sing! Show up, experience X-Factor, and have the best time meeting new people like yourself. You will never forget this event. Fill a backpack like you are backpacking. Be there or America may never know of your great talent. Good luck fellow singers!

    4/4/2011 2:10 PM PDT

  223. alyssa banks - wrote:

    Is it possible to do an audition on computer, like a webcam?

    4/5/2011 7:57 AM PDT

  224. Suzanne Carter - wrote:

    I wish you were coming to Tampa,FL. Miami is so far from me. I hope I can make it there in time.

    4/5/2011 9:21 AM PDT

  225. rebecca young - wrote:

    is their any other way to audition? i do not live near these cities! by vidio?

    4/5/2011 12:53 PM PDT

  226. rebecca young - wrote:

    for x factor audition? could i send tape? instead of live audition?

    4/5/2011 12:55 PM PDT

  227. Indylori - wrote:

    I am very excited to see this show! I miss Simon sooo much! I know the judges have not been named yet but I am begging Simon to not have Sharon Osborn as a judge on this show. I am so tired of seeing her! I don’t dislike her she is just totally over exposed! She is on EVERYTHING!!! Please she has enough jobs. Give us a break!

    4/6/2011 12:36 AM PDT

  228. AshleyLynn - wrote:

    Auditions in Chicago are coming up. I have one major question. What do I do with all of the audition forms? Do I turn them in on the day of the audition or the day before while they are collecting wristbands?

    4/6/2011 8:30 AM PDT

  229. Lisa - wrote:

    PLEASE Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel, Cheryl will be GREAT on U.S.X Factor. CHERYL IS AWESOME

    4/6/2011 2:20 PM PDT

  230. S.DZ - wrote:

    I thinking about auditoning with a few friends in Seattle just for fun and purposely sucking just to mess with simon lol. I wonder if anyone i know will audition though?

    4/6/2011 9:53 PM PDT

  231. michelle d. - wrote:

    Erin Kendee–raw unique talent, beautiful alto voice. Go Erin. Simon–I hope this is really a wonderful show. Idol…well lets just say it was more for ratings than about those who auditioned and owned their artistic style

    4/7/2011 10:21 AM PDT

  232. Information about Gloria Estefan surprises ‘X Factor’ auditions - wrote:

    [...] Further auditions w&#1110&#406&#406 b&#1077 held &#1072t th&#1077 Prudential Centre, Newark (April 14), Key Arena, Seattle (April 20), Sears Centre Arena, Chicago (April 27) &#1072n&#1281 Dallas Convention Centre, Dallas (M&#1072&#1091 26). More information &#1110&#1109 available here. [...]

    4/7/2011 10:40 AM PDT

  233. gail - wrote:

    can someone who was cut from the LA auditions try out again at the other cities?????????need to know really badly.

    4/7/2011 2:21 PM PDT

  234. Jason - wrote:

    Don’t be fooled by the hype. I was just at the Miami auditions and saw weak singers get through and strong powerful singers cut. This show is all about looks and casting “types”. I’ll pass on this show and hope America is smart enough to as well.

    4/7/2011 3:42 PM PDT

  235. Information about Simon Cowell: ‘Fergie is X Factor possibility’ - wrote:

    [...] Public wh&#959 &#1089&#1072nn&#959t m&#1072k&#1077 th&#1077 open auditions &#1089&#1072n &#1072&#406&#1109&#959 surrender th&#1077&#1110r video performances through special audition recording booths &#1110n Honolulu &#1072n&#1281 Phoenix (fr&#959m tomorrow), Nashville (April 9), Quay (April 12), Kansas City (April 15) &#1072n&#1281 Denver (April 16). Th&#1077 booths w&#1110&#406&#406 remain open until April 30. More information &#1110&#1109 available here. [...]

    4/7/2011 4:53 PM PDT

  236. Isa - wrote:

    We were at the Miami Auditions and unfortunately they did not do what they said they were going to do. Those people who received their bracelets early the day before were one of the last ones to audition. It is true about early in the day just about everyone gets through and later, the judges run out of “tickets” to put people through to the second round, so basically they go through the motion of auditioning people and say “thank you” If you do not audition early get up and leave, you will spend many many hours waiting for disappointment! Even if you are an amazing singer, auditioning later in the day will not get you through. Shame on you Xfactor Miami staff for not doing what you said you were going to do and that is going in number order. It was not fair, and many many wonderful singers did not get to have their chance!!!

    4/8/2011 6:06 AM PDT

  237. anthony - wrote:

    Gail- if it’s anything like American Idol, then you can audition at as many cities as you want. Jordin Sparks was cut from one city and then flew to another city to get another chance and they took her at the 2nd city. Good Luck! ps I personally don’t think they would possibly know or even care if you auditioned elsewhere since there are soooo many people.

    4/8/2011 11:44 AM PDT

  238. anthony - wrote:

    To the people who already auditioned: was possible to buy food or coffee at the venue itself while you waited to audition?

    4/8/2011 3:55 PM PDT

  239. Michael - wrote:

    Jason and Isa hit he nail on the head, people who could not even hold a note got through because they looked funny, or had some sign or costume gimmick, just look at the individual photos posted in the papers or online the next day. And if you were not one of the first few thousand to audition, your odds of getting a pass to the next round went down exponentially, I even saw many of the X-factor crew going home while I was still standing in line!!! I will say that most everybody who stuck around to audition were very, very cool people, many with mad talent and I wish them well despite Thursdays debacle.

    4/8/2011 6:26 PM PDT

  240. corey mitchell - wrote:

    next year im going to be pump and my song im going to sing is pump it up i wrote it about how a boy is trying to talk to the love of his life without getting nervous

    4/8/2011 7:03 PM PDT

  241. Angela Bufalo - wrote:

    Hi, I want to cancel my audition in Newark. Please accept my apology as with the expense of traveling, etc. and knowing at the age of 76 I probably don’t have much of a chance to pass the audition, (although I have to say at my age God has still given me a great voice) I have to be realistic that my dream of at least being noticed will not come to pass. I wish you all the best with your show. Thank you. Angela (The Singing Angel)

    4/8/2011 7:31 PM PDT

  242. Orlando Alvarado Jr - wrote:

    I am very disappointed at this Simon Cowell production. If Miami is any indication of what the show is going to be like, Roget it what a disaster. I have to agree totally with the prior blogger ISA. The audition process was not well organized. XFactor will not end up with the best talent for this competition, it is really a hokes. I had to throw away all my food and water with cooler. Even after a memo advised to bring such things. All so they can make money selling food and drinks inside. Most of event employees were rude. The noise level in the center was extremely high, singers belting songs all around there co auditioners. Auditioners could not here themselves judges could not here auditioners totally distracting the singers. The whole audition process was not setup for success. I considered it very unprofessional and a disaster. It was never suggested for the crowds to keep the noise down while auditioning. I feel bad for the very young talented singers that got turn down in this badly organizes process. My advice to you talented artist out there , do not waste your time and no matter what happens in the audition do not take it seriously because it is all one big joke. Shame on you Mr. Cowell, I lost my respect for you.

    4/8/2011 9:29 PM PDT

  243. SoulfulSultry Songstress - wrote:

    What other forms of I.D. count besides drivers license and birth certificates? Do tax returns, lease information, payroll information, utility information or anything of this nature count?

    4/9/2011 1:45 AM PDT

  244. Simone Rose Kahn - wrote:

    I can’t wait! Simon is so real, and so missed, and is about the complete package. Although some did not like him, but in reality, the entertainment business is brutal and tough. I’ve seen dancing auditions, Broadway rehearsals, etc….., and it’s not easy. If you don’t have it, you just don’t have it, and those who truly have it, know they do. Finally a show that is a more serious venue. I watched American Idol once this season, and blah, without Simon. You can’t have a show where all the judges give thumbs up, and cover everything over with icing. This is the real deal about the complete package, hence the name,
    The X-Factor and hopefully those who just think they can sing, or those who can sing, but don’t have the complete package won’t audition or waste Simon’s time. It’s about time!

    4/9/2011 8:36 AM PDT

  245. Lisa - wrote:

    PLEASE Simon put Cheryl Cole on the judging panel. Cheryl will be GREAT on U.S.X Factor CHERYL IS FABULOUS

    4/9/2011 12:01 PM PDT

  246. Amanda Barry - wrote:

    what time can you get a wristband?

    4/10/2011 11:09 AM PDT

  247. izzie - wrote:

    so do you have to register online before showing up at the wristband thing/ auditions? because when i try to sign up this message just pops up telling me to check back for more info. how do i sign up?

    4/10/2011 1:28 PM PDT

  248. makenzie - wrote:

    when are the auditions 4 seattle? did the show all ready start ?

    4/10/2011 7:47 PM PDT

  249. Mina - wrote:

    OMG, I didn’t think about how annoying it will be to be surrounded by a bunch of people singing at random and whatnot. I’m definately wearing some ear plugs. I think when they say to bring snacks it’s more like chips, granola bars, juice/soda, cold cut sandwich etc. I think a cooler full of stuff is prolly a bit much. But that one person did say they made her throw away everything :/ I don’t know

    4/11/2011 1:27 AM PDT

  250. Stop Complaining - wrote:

    It really is sad to read all the comments on here trashing the show and its process. Have you seen the finalist of X Factor over in Europe, do they look like clowns and crazy people dressed up w/o any talent?? Yes I agree some of those people are going to get through and yes there will be some people w/ awesome voices who don’t get through. But who is to say that the clown who made it through had somewhat of a voice, but had other combining factors that made he/she stand out? Or who is to say the BEST vocalist in the whole audition who got cut, stood like a lump on a log in front of the judges while belting out the most beautiful tune? It’s a TV show yes, and unfortunately, there will be certain things that some of us don’t like about how the X Factor producers pick people for THEIR show (yes, believe it or not, it’s their show and they get to set the rules and decides who gets to play and who doesn’t), but you know what, it is an opportunity and a door that is open. To sit and type away at a keyboard and tell someone else not to waste their time and not go just because you personally had a bad experience, doesn’t mean that the person who has not auditioned yet should not have the opportunity to have a GREAT experience or a BAD experience. None the less, it is an experience and an opportunity that most will not take. So take it from someone who made it through all three rounds (like how I threw in a plug for myself?) and had to wait in the hot sun, throw away my food and drinks before I got into the center, stand around a bunch of talented and non-talented singers all day long while they warmed up or proved to the next guy/gal that they were somehow unique from the other thousands of people waiting and singing in line, that it was a great and unique experience for me and I met a lot of really great people and not so great people, but memories to last a lifetime. My advice to anyone trying out for the show in future cities:

    1. GET to the registration process as early as possible so that you get a pretty good auditioning spot! Not to say if you are the very first person to get your ticket, you will be the very first person to audition, but you will be w/n the first hundred or so. I can’t STRESS this enough. And on audition day, don’t worry so much about getting there early; just don’t be so late that they lock the gates on you, your ticket will determine your audition time (for the most part).
    2. Bring light snacks w/ you to eat while you are standing in line to get into the main center. We were not allowed to bring snacks into the center and we all had to throw away any food or water that we had w/ us. I am not sure if it was the X Factor production’s rule or if it was the U of Miami center rules. But oh well, minor bump in the road.
    3. Make sure you have your songs (two or more) ready to go (lyrics memorized, etc…whatever etc may be), know which ones you are going to sing, and sing the best songs that you know! Don’t wait until you are about to go in for the audition and pick a song; and DON’T switch songs at the last moment unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure the song you switch to is another strong song for you.
    4. When you are in for the audition, make sure you can speak well and articulate the answer to the question that you are being asked. Yes they want to know if you are able to speak and hold a conversation with them. You could be the best singer in the world, but if you are like “I wanna just like, sing for da rest of my life and I, uh, well you know, uh, feel I uh, sing very well because, I uh have what it takes, uh, because I uh, am unique, uh, just like every other unique, uh person, who is uh, umm like not like me I uh….you get the point).
    5. LASTLY and ****MOST**** importantly!!!! Did I say ****MOST**** importantly??? MAKE YOURSELF STAND OUT!!! DON’T just walk in and stand there like a lump on a log when you go and see the judges. Slide in, stride in, tap dance in, moon walk in (well maybe not moonwalk in), but you get the point. Give them some excitement about you, but NOT over the top excitement. Face it, there are thousands of talented singers and a few hundred amazing singers out there, but if you don’t give them a whole package and if you don’t make yourself different from the other Nth to the thousands of others who auditioned than maybe you just don’t have that, um what is it that Simon Cowell calls it, um, ah…oh yeah, X Factor!

    4/11/2011 10:39 AM PDT

  251. Meridith in Ohio - wrote:

    I am REALLY upset auditions in Cleveland, Ohio were not advertised as an official location on this website. I could’ve gone yesterday and it would’ve been much more convenient for me. Doubtful that I will now be able to make this season because a loved one has only been given weeks to live and that will be right around the time the Chicago auditions happen. I can’t believe you guys didn’t advertise Cleveland auditions.

    4/11/2011 10:41 AM PDT

  252. Gregory - wrote:

    Has anyone on here auditioned with a group?? If so, did every member of the group have to be there to register the day before?

    4/11/2011 2:09 PM PDT

  253. anthony - wrote:

    ok question . . . people from la and miami are saying that the order you register is the order you audition in. Can anyone confirm this. I’m not gonna be able to register untill later in the day :( but I planning on showing up really early the day of the audition. PS: Izzie- you don’t have to register online before registering. When you register online you just get emails and updates sent to you.

    4/11/2011 4:47 PM PDT

  254. VB - wrote:

    I was very excited about the XFactor coming to Miami, but what happened at the United Bank Center, I do not blame Simon Cowell, but I will put it here, and I hope he reads it. I am disappointed in the Oriental lady that auditioned with with a racist cold hearted face. She did not smile, she did not seem to be interested in me from the start of my entrance into her booth. I can sing, and I write music. I was not given any sort of heads up on what I needed to do, sing a little, sing and stop, nothing, she continued to look away from me as if a neighboring judge had given her a signal not to take me. I am just not sure what happened. But my waiting outside in the hot sun was uncomfortable. We were told to rid of water and other food to spend up our money inside. I am on unemployment and spent money I needed to come there and to be humiliated by a woman that appear to dislike black women. Her face turn up and sad, rude attitude and behavior, and to tell me No not this time, she can just No not never, because I certainly will not be back even if you offered 500 million dollars next time to stand before some little girl that has no skills to tell me who have been singing for over 40 years No not this time, and to take in a woman in a bikini that did not sing, but show her Gstring on the lawn to get attention. I think you should apologize XFactor to Miami. You really humiliated the people there, and your judges were very unfair not to choose those who could sing, but seem to choose an odd group just so to make a fool out of them in the semifinals/finals.

    4/11/2011 4:51 PM PDT

  255. Patrice G - wrote:

    Da best advice I can give 2 all u dats waitin’ 2 audition is b n da line as early as possible both days! I drove from Vegas & I didn’t hardly get any sleep da 3 days me & my fiance’ stayed b’cuz I was n line @ 4am both days & I was always among da 1st. or 2nd set of ppl dat got n & were guaranteed auditions. I’m jus sayin’ ask urself da question, “How Bad Do U Really Want It”? I was blessed 2 make it all da way 2 da final round! But, dere’s still NO GURANTEE I’LL B ON DA SHO! Dats jus da way it is! I’tll b hard 4 me 2 no I made it all da way & not b on da sho b’cuz I won’t get a chance 2 meet Simon Cowell or have da opportunity 2 share my talent wit da world! I’m a grandmother of 4 but, I look, walk, talk, & dress like a 30yr. old b’cuz I got a sexy body but, when I told all da producers my aged dey mouths dropped wide open & dey wanted 2 no more about me! Each round, I stepped up my game a lil’ more. I didn’t ova do it! (So take heed) Dey can c straight thru fony ppl! B urself but b unique @ da same time 2, sho bubbly personality, shine b’cuz this is ur time 2 express who u r as a person & an artist! Dis is not a game! Da fact of da matter is all da good or grrr8 singas won’t make it all da way (I seen it happen) but, I also realize dis is a tv sho ppl dey can only let so many ppl thru. Jus pray u r 1 of dose ppl! Don’t come lookin’ like u jus woke up & u put on da same clothes u had on da day b4! I can’t b’lieve how some ppl were dressed! DRESS 2 IMPRESS! I CAN’T STRESS DAT ENUFF! I didn’t sing what I new most female singas would sing: songz by Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Christina A. or Aretha. I no after a while da producers were really tired of hearin’ da same songz by dose artist! I’m not sayin’ don’t sing dem dats up 2 u but, d’pends on where u r n da line up by da time u get 2 da booth if u’re far b’hind n da process ur chances will b thinner 4 passin’ thru 2 da next round.& 4 God’s sake ppl plz don’t sing da songz dat Simon says he can’t bare 2 hear anymore & I can’t b’lieve ppl were actually singin’ dem! Blew my mind! He don’t wanna hear Jason Mraz, Can’t Wait song, don’t wanna hear Frank Sinatras Mack da knife or Summer Wind, don’t wanna hear Righteous Bros. Unchained Melody 2 name a few sooo plz listen up ppl! Best of luck 2 u all! Special Big Ups 2 my hometown of Chicago! I gotta represent 4 all da babyboomers & all da grown & sexy grandmothers out dere n da world b’cuz a lot of us still got it! Simon won’t b disappointed if I make it on da sho! I promise u dat!!!

    4/12/2011 4:43 AM PDT

  256. SJS - wrote:

    I just got back from Newark and I’m more than sorry to tell you that even though you may get in line first, pre-dawn, and wait 8+ hours, its random where they seat you and then call your section – the first sections got most f the tickets and by 3pm 95% were gone, making thousands audition until past 9pm for NOTHING. This is the straight up, hard,cold truth. Some judges gave all Yeses and others gave all NOs because some had golden tickets left and others ran out of their quota. This after being left to wait 8 hrs/day for two days straight. It was a cattle call all right – the performers were treated like animals. Shame on this whole smarmy, exploitative production.

    4/14/2011 8:24 PM PDT

  257. anthony - wrote:

    newark, nj is an extremely dangerous city! I know x-factor is not from this country but they should keep in mind people are coming from New England, Nh, Virginia, Massachusetts suburbs etc- which are a really safe and beautiful areas, and are not used to being surrounded by such a harsh, crime-ridden area. Police were telling us not to go to Mcdonald’s because we would get robbed. . . The treacherous waters of the entertainment industry is one thing, but this area definitely caught me off-guard. The safety of the area should be something the producers consider in the future. I’m just saying.

    4/16/2011 6:03 PM PDT

  258. Tricanna McGee - wrote:

    My dream has finally come true!!! Thanks so much Simon for this glorious opportunity!!! Dallas…I’m going to “BRING IT”

    4/22/2011 10:57 AM PDT

  259. jamie - wrote:

    hey x-factor i just wanted too know if like u register off th papers online and u print them out and they are singed already i just wanted to know if u can bring that to the x-factor audtions and could u still get ur Wristbands by that?

    4/23/2011 6:45 AM PDT

  260. SS - wrote:

    What do I need to be prepared to sing? A full song or what? And do i need to bring a backtrack?

    4/24/2011 7:54 PM PDT

  261. pammy - wrote:

    I think this is not very good for the younger ones in school ,i think this should of been on the weekend i can’t make it now because i work and can’t afford to take off i’m a single mom this really stinks!!!!

    4/26/2011 7:35 AM PDT

  262. mom - wrote:

    My daughter made all to the 3rd round and is waiting to hear from the producers to call back when do we stop waiting nj :)

    4/26/2011 8:50 AM PDT

  263. Eriko - wrote:

    This wait time for the email/call is craaaazzyy. They told Newark that we’d be contacted in 7-10 days. If we don’t count Saturday and Sunday AND Good Friday, we’d still be on day 11.. or something like that.

    The bottom line is, they can take as long as they’d like…and I don’t blame them. They have all the leverage!..not to mention, it’s probably nice for FOX to have hundreds of people “on call” just in case it doesn’t work out with certain people. And, the longer they wait, contestants will have less time to tell their friends about getting called back–better for the show.

    4/30/2011 7:12 PM PDT

  264. penis enlargement - wrote:

    Awsome post, Im now one of your feed followers

    4/30/2011 8:13 PM PDT

  265. D. Phillips - wrote:

    It said comments. People are asking questions that no one is answering. Just leave a comment.

    5/3/2011 11:36 AM PDT

  266. Dixie Borchers - wrote:

    I ordered my tickets online and it said we would be on camera. Well we weren’t. I loved the show but I don’t like being miss lead. . .

    7/1/2011 12:43 AM PDT

  267. samson davis - wrote:

    hi there fox? am a tanzanian but i like singing country music. is that possible for me to audition even though am an outsider?

    8/9/2011 5:01 AM PDT

  268. zachary criswell - wrote:

    hey pleas reply i want to knoe do ALL the peaple have to say yes to go on?

    9/22/2011 6:50 PM PDT

  269. pkam12345 - wrote:

    They should bring down the age limit it should be 10 or 12

    10/13/2011 11:42 PM PDT

  270. Dayananda - wrote:

    Impressed by all the judges selection of the 17 contestants for the next show. Simon’s decision to add the additional contestant was a good choice as she is truly a good singer,Congratulations to all the judges and contestants.

    10/19/2011 9:05 AM PDT

  271. LilyMaRee - wrote:

    How come tampa never gets any love….next best thing right hetr in the bay simon please come to tampa fl where stars are born

    10/26/2011 8:44 AM PDT

  272. LilyMaRee - wrote:

    Wanna audition in tampa fl what to do??????
    Please reply soon as possibile.
    <3 StudioQueen

    10/26/2011 8:49 AM PDT

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