The X Factor

So I Signed Up For An X Factor Audition. Now What?

By now, you’ve signed up for THE X FACTOR Audition Alerts and you know when and where to show up for your audition. Now it’s time to get ready for the big day. Here are three important details to help you get moving on your path to stardom. (Check out The X Factor Xtra for more audition tips.)

1. REGISTER IN PERSON. There are two important parts to the registration process.

FIRST: Collect your wristband the day before your audition at the venue (e.g., if you are auditioning in Los Angeles, the venue is the L.A. Sports Arena). You and anyone accompanying you on audition day will need to pick up a wristband beginning at 6 AM the day before the audition day until 6 AM the day of your audition. To be eligible you have to be a U.S. citizen, have a valid government-issued ID, and must bring a parent or legal guardian if you’re under 18. You MUST bring two forms of ID that show proof of your age — at least one of those must have a photograph (for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card).

SECOND: Arrive before 8 AM on the day of your audition. The lines on both days could be long, so make sure to bring snacks, drinks and the right kind of clothing. And don’t forget to bring ID on day 2 as well.

2. PICK YOUR SONGS. Choose songs that make you stand out.

You should choose a verse and chorus from three different songs to sing with out backing music – just vocals. You may not get to perform all three, but be prepared just in case! (Visit X Factor Xtra for more information on picking the right songs and special tips from Simon.)

3. DRESS TO IMPRESS. If you want to be a star, you have to look like a star!

Show off your own personal style that represents how you see yourself as an artist. This is your time to shine.

During the open auditions, The X Factor Hotline (1-855-345-5678) will be updated with relevant audition details.

Make sure to check out X Factor Xtra for even more tips for a successful X FACTOR audition.


147 comments on “So I Signed Up For An X Factor Audition. Now What?”

  1. stacey-ann - wrote:

    Im really exciteddd!!!!!!
    Ive been waiting for this show to come to the U.S<3

    Simon cowell I hope your ready!

    I believe in myself and I hope you guys can see how much I want this<3

    I will be up early,waiting to audition in Newark, NJ.

    Good luck to everyone<3


    3/8/2011 7:25 PM PDT

  2. Andrew Kim - wrote:

    I am planning to audition, but my parents worry it may intefere with school. What happens if people make it through the first auditions? Like what dates and where will people have to go?

    3/8/2011 9:50 PM PDT

  3. Richard - wrote:

    I am in a band and I was given the URL. Are full instrumental rock bands allowed to play this? If so, how do the auditions work for this?

    3/8/2011 9:57 PM PDT

  4. Virginia Martinez - wrote:

    My daughters having a baby,her due date is the day of the Los Angeles auditions March 26.I will be a grandma for the first time.
    I hope my grandson hurrys up before this day.I am her birth coach.I will even have more motivation to sing my heart out.
    God Bless to everyone. Virginia

    3/9/2011 8:42 AM PDT

  5. Shaiy - wrote:

    How do you get a wristband???

    3/9/2011 11:16 AM PDT

  6. JOYE TYLER - wrote:


    3/9/2011 11:29 AM PDT

  7. Denisha Jones - wrote:

    im so excited simon trust and believe u wont regret having me on your show i cant wait!!

    3/9/2011 1:13 PM PDT

  8. Danielle Christine - wrote:

    I signed up x factor on the official website but received no email response . Do I go to the Miami Audition and get my wristband on the assigned date?

    3/9/2011 5:01 PM PDT

  9. Bethany - wrote:

    see you april 20th =)

    3/9/2011 7:04 PM PDT

  10. Sandy from Phoenix - wrote:

    BEWARE CHICAGO I am sooooo ready for this competition….

    3/9/2011 8:51 PM PDT

  11. laura - wrote:

    I am ready for this!! i am thrilled to be able to have an opportunity such as auditioning… I love singing with all my heart and i truely hope people will be able to see that !

    3/10/2011 8:51 AM PDT

  12. Melody - wrote:

    I can’t wait to audition and show you what I got Simon!:)

    am so excited!!!! :) See you in LA!:)

    3/10/2011 3:01 PM PDT

  13. Tabitha Daniel - wrote:

    where is the show going to be filmed?

    3/10/2011 4:22 PM PDT

  14. Shelbi Rose - wrote:

    It scares me to see so many people that know what they’re doing and are ready for this. I’ll be honest, I am scared so much. But I’m also really, really excited. I only want feedback. I highly doubt I’ll get farther than the audition.

    3/10/2011 5:58 PM PDT

  15. Veronica from L.A. :) - wrote:

    Wow!!!!!!!! I’m so excited I’ve been waiting on an opportunity like this…I wake up singing go to bed singing I even have my 4year old son holding notes Lol!!!!!!!!!! When I make it through I will not dissapoint you. THANK YOU SIMON.

    3/10/2011 7:10 PM PDT

  16. Alisha - wrote:

    Super excited about this. I cannot wait to audition as the first show is always the most memorable and fun! Good luck to everyone wherever you may audition and hopefully we will see each other with passes to the next round :)

    3/10/2011 7:10 PM PDT

  17. Christopher Hutchins - wrote:

    I have been waiting for so long for a talent show to start that showcases true songwriters! I also think Simon is a genious, and if I can get his approval if Im worthy of the music buisness in any way, Im definitly gonna take it to heart.

    3/10/2011 7:35 PM PDT

  18. Kyle - wrote:

    If You Are 11 But Will Be 12 before the Show Starts Can U Still Sign Up!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

    3/10/2011 7:45 PM PDT

  19. Shary Kates - wrote:

    When will the show actually begin airing….I know in Sept. sometime….. and how many weeks will it run?
    Really excited about the opportunity!!!

    3/11/2011 7:12 AM PDT

  20. Fred/Then & Now - wrote:

    I signed up as a vocal group. I have a question. Do all of the members of the singing group have to register or is the one I did good enough for everyone? Let’s say we have to wait 12 hours before we get to audition, are there going to be dressing rooms available to change in so that we can look great for our performance. Or will we have to look like we where on line for 12 hours outside dealing with the elements?

    3/11/2011 9:50 AM PDT

  21. Hunter - wrote:

    Wow i cant believe it is happening i am only 12 years old. Well anyway good luck 2 you peeps.

    3/11/2011 1:13 PM PDT

  22. Estefania - wrote:

    I play guitar. Am I allowed to bring my guitar and sing, for my audition?

    3/11/2011 6:55 PM PDT

  23. Janet Fedgenhaeuer - wrote:

    I have been a religious watcher of Chef Ramsey, I would like to know what the problem with CANADIAN talent is. I have got what it takes, and would make him PROUD. We seem to screwed every where we go. Let us in.!!!!!!!

    3/11/2011 7:47 PM PDT

  24. Janet Fedgenhaeuer - wrote:

    Not only do I know what to do with food, I know how to cook, serve, and entice! I need to know what it would take to get a CANADIAN, SQUAREHEAD on that show!!!

    3/11/2011 7:50 PM PDT

  25. Duke Wagner - wrote:

    What happens if you get selected? How long is the whole process?
    Are costs of travel, room and board to the competition after being selected in audition covered by x factor?

    3/11/2011 8:59 PM PDT

  26. Benjamin Wells - wrote:

    I just had my right foot removed and may be in a wheel chair, and just wanted to know would thay effect my chances to audition

    3/12/2011 5:36 AM PDT

  27. ivana - wrote:

    same with me…. i am planning on auditioning.. but my parents are sort of upset that the auditions are on a school date soo yeah.. if i make it to the next round.. i guess everybody i know would be proud of me so they wouldnt care but i think the audition process should be on a weekend.. exspecially when there are 12 year olds;O

    I love u simon!!!

    3/12/2011 6:36 AM PDT

  28. samantha - wrote:

    thanks goodness this came along, i was gonna have to wait till’ i was sixteen to go on american idol! i have faith in myslef, & i belive i can make it. i’m kinda scared of simon, but ill’ get over it. can’t wait for auditions, see everyone there & good luck to all (:

    3/12/2011 9:44 AM PDT

  29. Joyce Richardson - wrote:

    Will we be able to choose all our songs during the competition?

    3/12/2011 2:55 PM PDT

  30. Bethany - wrote:

    same here samantha,and good luck to you

    3/12/2011 2:57 PM PDT

  31. Juanito - wrote:

    This is pure madness! its hard enough to perform in front of the judges.But to a full arena like the Rock in Newark. damn Im feelin it!, To my competition Good Luck and lets blow the roof off this place. Lets show the world where the real talent is. Only in the Tri-States.

    3/12/2011 7:01 PM PDT

  32. Brando Stephen Keener - wrote:

    Can I bring my own guitar and or amp for my own backup? Who chooses the numbers for the actual show?

    3/13/2011 12:57 PM PDT

  33. zizi - wrote:

    i love to sing most people say im good at singing so ull probly see me on ur show

    3/13/2011 7:14 PM PDT

  34. zizi - wrote:

    good luck to all

    3/13/2011 7:14 PM PDT

  35. zizi - wrote:

    singing is my dream and my friends

    3/13/2011 7:15 PM PDT

  36. Rodney - X - wrote:

    If you are looking for the X-factor, then look no further, Best wishes to everyone. I’ll see you in Dallas!

    3/13/2011 10:00 PM PDT

  37. Cyndi - wrote:

    My daughter is def auditioning, and I am still considering…Question–Can she and I audition as a duet and she still can audition as a solo too???
    We’ve been to Idol auditions and she has made it through several rounds..but this will be a new experience, NJ here we come.

    3/14/2011 5:25 PM PDT

  38. Rosemary - wrote:

    How do the auditions work for full bands and their instruments? There are zero guidelines for bands….please help. Thanks!

    3/14/2011 5:47 PM PDT

  39. Christian - wrote:

    I’m only 12..but don’t let that fool you. I have a great, beautiful voice. See you in Chicago!

    3/14/2011 9:24 PM PDT

  40. Peggy Veary - wrote:

    I am very excited about this! I know the odds are against me getting past the screeners, but if nothing else, I’ll have a very memorable weekend and who knows . . . maybe more? Good luck to all people who love L.A.!

    3/14/2011 9:53 PM PDT

  41. Cieara Stroud - wrote:

    Look out world! I’m coming out and i want the world will to know, I cant wait for Simon and LA to hear the sweet sounds of Cece, LA real X-Factor!!!

    3/15/2011 10:52 AM PDT

  42. Perla - wrote:

    I feel great knowing that I’m not alone…
    Its all for the family…
    like I Promised… :-)

    3/15/2011 3:57 PM PDT

  43. Merideth - wrote:

    How long will the competition process take?

    3/15/2011 4:13 PM PDT

  44. KesMarie - wrote:

    Seattle, you’ll have no idea what hit you. I’m so ready.

    3/15/2011 6:12 PM PDT

  45. Sha'Kree - wrote:


    3/16/2011 8:36 AM PDT

  46. Jacqueline - wrote:

    i have signed up on the website but i havent gotten any email responses…. do i still go to get a wristband and fill out the paperwork?

    3/16/2011 8:23 PM PDT

  47. john gavert - wrote:

    if you could email me back it would be helpful i have a question if on a recall 2nd audition the same day what if you dont know words of PRODUCERS choice is that a red flag for a contestant YES OR NO????

    3/17/2011 1:00 PM PDT

  48. Maddy from LA - wrote:

    can a grandparent come help register and be at auditions instead of a parent?????

    3/17/2011 5:00 PM PDT

  49. Bianca - wrote:

    Its finally here.yayyyyy….Chi Town here I come! ‘

    Good Luck everyone!

    3/19/2011 12:25 AM PDT

  50. Matondo - wrote:

    I’m a U.S. Resident; I’ve just signed up for X Factor; I realize it’s for Americans only, but I am not a U.S. Citizen yet, so… what now?

    3/19/2011 8:23 AM PDT


    [...] LINKS • Sign up for audition information. • Check out audition tips. • Download rules and release forms. • Get Simon’s advice on what not to [...]

    3/19/2011 11:37 AM PDT

  52. Natalie - wrote:

    I’m so excited!!! I’m on you tube under Natalie faith sings and I can’t wait for whats up next!!! Good luck to all! Simon I can’t wait to meet you!!!

    3/19/2011 7:42 PM PDT

  53. Marissa & Sadie - wrote:

    I really want to audition but I would have to bring my five year old daughter Sadie…Is that ok??????? She graduated from preschool in 2009 and we are waiting for kindergarden in the fall. This would be something for ME to really look forward to.

    3/20/2011 4:47 PM PDT

  54. Sandra - wrote:

    I hope they don’t mind the fact that I’m like way pregnant! I really want to do this, at least to try to help out my family financially. We’ll see what happens…

    3/20/2011 9:03 PM PDT

  55. Justin Michael Parks - wrote:

    I am a solo artist. I write and sing my own music. Nobody has heard these songs, they are mine alone. So I guess we just bring it??

    3/21/2011 11:15 AM PDT

  56. Ayngel Halow - wrote:

    To be honest I’m a little intimidated and excited. I will make sure Ayngel Halow is a name to remember

    3/21/2011 5:46 PM PDT

  57. Logan - wrote:

    I Definitely believe this is for me…I’m coming to compete and be a winner, throughout the entire experience…

    3/21/2011 6:20 PM PDT

  58. Audrey Simmons - wrote:

    I believe it’s time.

    3/22/2011 5:07 AM PDT

  59. Linda Lewis - wrote:

    I am so thrilled to do this. I have been waiting for this day all my life. I started singing on stage at the age of two ( harmony) with my family. So I may be one of the oldest contestants to try out, but I will give it this one shot and see if this has been the day I have dreamed of all these years.
    I just have to give it my all, and at least know I tried. I promised my Mom and Dad that I would never give up my singing until there is no more music in me. I write my own songs as well as doing cover songs. So I will see you in Dallas! Thank you for not putting an age limit on this!

    3/22/2011 12:42 PM PDT

  60. Caroline - wrote:


    3/22/2011 12:50 PM PDT

  61. Caroline - wrote:

    but i really want to audition…

    3/22/2011 12:52 PM PDT

  62. Ashley Flow - wrote:

    Omg . Im so excited :) Can not wait to get out there and give it all I got :p good luck everyone knock em’ dead.

    Check me out on Youtube @ Ashley Flow

    3/22/2011 1:02 PM PDT

  63. John Paul Greenawalt -- Age 53 -- Bookbinder - wrote:

    I’ll be there in Dallas! I’ve been through so much in my life. I used to sing these same songs as a young man, and the instrument was good, but the message was pretend. Now both are real, ready, and relevant at 53 and now my music can touch people. That makes up my Special X-Factor! –And I am in the game, to win the game!

    3/22/2011 1:06 PM PDT

  64. Late 2 Fame - wrote:

    LATE 2 FAME is TAKING OVER!!!!!!!

    3/22/2011 1:12 PM PDT

  65. Crystal - wrote:

    I’m so ridiculously nervous about my audition on April 7th in Miami…not cool. Lol. Hopefully there will be good vibes from others and that will help me….or hopefully people around me suck, that’s always fun =) Good Luck to everyone <3

    3/22/2011 1:15 PM PDT

  66. Dante Cabra - wrote:

    I am a permanent resident….does that make me ineligible?

    3/22/2011 1:26 PM PDT

  67. Dante Cabra - wrote:

    If not, can we sing our own songs or do we have to do a cover?

    3/22/2011 1:26 PM PDT

  68. Susan English - wrote:

    I am so ready for this and ecstatic to perform for the most brutal, but honest, Simon Cowell and all other judges.I find it a priviledge! I always work hard on being the valedictorian! Good luck everyone! Yeee Haaa!! from the heart of TX.

    3/22/2011 1:46 PM PDT

  69. Ava - wrote:

    This has been my ultimate DREAM since I was literally 5 yrs old.

    I am so thrilled that Simon decided to bring the X-factor over to the States!! Hopefully the first audition process is nothing like Idol (a joke)…..

    I am totally EXCITED and ready for the world to watch me BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!

    3/22/2011 1:47 PM PDT

  70. Calvin Ervin better known as the Undertoe - wrote:

    Motown passed me over with a few industry artist noting I didn’t have the look. That put a slight dent in my armor back then, yet I made an ok living as a front man doing hotels and open mike nights for cash till my first born Toby, then I had to get a real job. I’m 48 now still hearing the cheering of the audience.. Is this fool hearted. Hell, I got nothing to loose. X-Factor, It’s On!

    3/22/2011 1:53 PM PDT

  71. Jaykay - wrote:

    Many of the pop artists these days are flashy and less talent with tons of production on their albums. Where does a talented vocalist singer/songwriter fit into the X factor without the Gaga style?

    3/22/2011 3:08 PM PDT

  72. Steven R. Gadzinski - wrote:

    I’m ready to go for the Chicago auditions…well…almost ready at least! Still working on song selections..sooooo many good songs and artists out there! I know “and DON’T forget the lyrics”. Good luck Simon on the start of the auditions in L.A. and also selecting the final judges too! Is Paula Abdul a possibility?

    3/22/2011 3:09 PM PDT

  73. MIss Michele Booker - wrote:


    3/22/2011 5:11 PM PDT

  74. brittney cartwright - wrote:

    cannot wait for theXfactor! (:
    so pumpd up.. lol but the rist bands dont cost money right>?

    3/22/2011 5:31 PM PDT

  75. Andrea LoCascio - wrote:

    … fantastic, S.C. – fantastic.

    3/22/2011 5:45 PM PDT

  76. Sammy - wrote:

    I understand you are looking for a star, but I am not sure 100% what that means….. could you describe your definition of a star? In other words, what is required in order to be successful in this competition?

    3/22/2011 6:15 PM PDT

  77. Marilyon Cleveland - wrote:

    Hi Simmon..I am living my dream I am singing recording and winning contests all the time…But the really big one is X Factor that is what i am going for….That would be a dream come true..and i hope you will make that dream become a reality..Love watching you on tv and i love your personailty.See you in Florida.

    3/22/2011 6:41 PM PDT

  78. Helen - wrote:

    I am sooo excited,,,and so glad there is not an age limit on this, I have been waiting my whole life for an opportunity like this,,,,I am going to shine!!!!

    3/22/2011 7:03 PM PDT

  79. Allen - wrote:

    I am ready for this. I can hardly wait. This is so exciting!! I hope to stand out in the crowd and impress everyone. See you there.

    3/22/2011 7:05 PM PDT

  80. Frederick Falcona - wrote:

    Simon Cowell is so so HEAVY ! The teaser intro during the Super Bowl was just so powerful that it dwarfed American Idol BIGTIME !

    3/22/2011 7:07 PM PDT

  81. Mary Hunsader - wrote:

    Wish I could go to the LA Audition as LA is my old stomping grounds but can’t get out there. Maybe this summer I’ll be able to afford it and get to one of the auditions. Still interested though.
    I’m really thinking of next year as I’d like ONE YEAR OF SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS where I don’t have to worry about someone trying to hit me over the head for my check.

    3/22/2011 7:09 PM PDT

  82. William Hopes-Cuollo ( Sonny Dae ) - wrote:

    I have been singing most of my life, for friends and family now I get to sing for you, hope to impress you Simon, we will see

    3/22/2011 7:48 PM PDT

  83. Sandra Anderson - wrote:

    I have been singing since I was 10. I have performed in talent contests and I even sang in the choir on the US Navy base that I was stationed at. I have been told my whole life that I should have a career in music. I just want to know if people have been lying to me all this time or they really think I have that kind of talent. Good Luck and God Bless to all, see you in Dallas.

    3/22/2011 7:51 PM PDT

  84. Tanya gonzales & Pam helm - wrote:

    My mom and I have been singing 4-ever it seems. We have been singing karaoke for a couple of years and are fondly referred to by our local fan’s as “The Bakersfield Judd’s.” The biggest gift that my mother shared with me and my younger brother is the powerful impact of music in all of our lives. When ever I feel a bad day coming on, I just crank up the tunes, sing loud and dance crazy. All the world needs is to share their music and love one another…., good luck to everyone. love “TyMeS2″ Pam & Tanya

    3/22/2011 8:39 PM PDT

  85. Elizabeth DiBenedetto - wrote:

    I am looking forward to this audition. Back in 2001 I had audition for Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star,although I made the news paper with my picture and a wright up, the show never aired. I thank you Simon for this opportunity once again. Also my friends for encouraging to go for it.

    3/22/2011 8:51 PM PDT

  86. Eustache J. Patrick - wrote:

    Thank you Simon , I am very excited about the audition and I can’t wait to sing in front of you. Then I will know that I am good when you will say yes to me after the audition. If not, I will work on it. But I am sure that you will be surprise to ear me. 100% sure, I promess.

    3/22/2011 8:52 PM PDT

  87. Elizabeth DiBenedetto - wrote:

    I am looking forward to this audition. Back in 2001 I had auditioned for Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star, although I made the news paper with my pic and a write up the show never aired. I thank you Simon for this opportunity once again.Also my friends encouraging me to go for it.

    3/22/2011 8:58 PM PDT

  88. Frederick Falcona - wrote:

    To make sure no one misinterprets the word HEAVY….It flat out means…….REALLY COOL ! What a way to totally intrigue an audience. The unveiling of him and the show was an advertising MASTERPIECE.

    3/22/2011 9:09 PM PDT

  89. Marie Bentley - wrote:

    Get ready X Factor I’m coming to the auditions in L.A. with my friend Joe Procita and you can be sure we are gonna BRING IT!!!

    3/22/2011 9:18 PM PDT

  90. Rocky [Raquel] - wrote:

    Seattle auditions- i’m very excited as well as intimidated i hope i make it threw i have alot of faith in myself this year. i have a powerful voice :) im grateful 2 have an oppurtunity like this n im excited 2 meet knew ppl n hear other unique talents I wish the best of luck 2 everyone :)

    3/22/2011 10:52 PM PDT

  91. Rick Smith - wrote:

    If you have a background story to tell, when do you get to tell it?

    3/23/2011 5:49 AM PDT

  92. Noemi C. - wrote:

    I will be at the Miami auditions. As we wait in the long line & dress for the wait,will we have time & somewhere close by to be able to change into audition attire?

    3/23/2011 9:46 AM PDT

  93. Katie is where it's at :D - wrote:

    Hey guys! I’m only 13 years old, and I will see you on the 20th!
    I hope I can blow you away. Good luck to everyone!

    3/23/2011 9:54 AM PDT

  94. Jeremiah - wrote:

    I intend to showcase my versatility by performing my hit rap song “Shut UP!”, my Country Western hit “Dern Fool,” and possibly topping it off with my Jazzy version of “Poop!” Of course, I did perform “Poop!” recently on stage at another talent show but it didn’t come out right because they only gave me 90 seconds to do my “Poop!” and it usually takes me nearly three minutes. I practiced speeding it up but then it sounded like a Chipmunk “Poop!”. So I went ahead and just did my Jazzy “Poop!” but it got cut off right in the middle and so you really only got a taste of what “Poop.” really was. However, that was just a practice run because I knew “X” factor was coming up and so I saved my good stuff for the 5 million prize.

    3/23/2011 10:21 AM PDT

  95. Shelley Miller - wrote:

    I am Honored and just the simple fact to be given a chance to sing my original songs in front of anyone is a pleasure, And FOOD FOR THOUGHT, I ask nicely to anyone who feels the need to use SUSAN BOYLE as a crutch to get out there and do it…. Please Do Not, Because she is an amazing soul and does not deserve such statements as “If she can do it so can I” So please…understand that your comment is not a very good one… Just do it cause you want to! Peace and good luck to everyone!!! Detroit Shelley Miller “The Devil in the Fine Print” signing off… Much love…muah!

    3/23/2011 11:37 AM PDT

  96. Giovanni venuto - wrote:

    I need to know if I can perform original music also….. To show the real side of me…. Thanks…… Anyways I’m ready to rock…

    3/23/2011 11:54 AM PDT

  97. Dominique Avavla Browning-Weathers - wrote:

    Simon thank you so much for putting the auditions in LA and I look forword to pleasing you with my talent bye

    3/23/2011 2:00 PM PDT

  98. Stephanie - wrote:

    Mr. Cowell, I have to say thank you , bless you for this opportunity? Is Gospel music allowed in this competion?

    3/23/2011 4:46 PM PDT

  99. Craig S. Andersen - wrote:

    I’m glad to finanlly have the opportunity to have the opportunity to be heard. I’m 46 so I was born way to early for Idol. I wonder if we can sing original songs or just other peoples’ songs.

    3/23/2011 4:53 PM PDT

  100. Josh - wrote:

    I don’t really understand this that well. During the competition, do you have to write your own songs?

    3/23/2011 5:09 PM PDT

  101. Rayne Michael - wrote:

    Can’t wait to audition in chitown! This is my year to shine baby!

    3/23/2011 9:40 PM PDT

  102. Aixa - wrote:

    Well im young , thing is i never performed everr.only in front of my friends. They tell me im an amazing singer and should go after my dreams. I hope the day of auditions will make it happen:) goodluck everyonee ! We did so much to come to this.

    3/24/2011 7:53 AM PDT

  103. Bill Gilg - wrote:

    I have a driver license and a debut bank card. Is that two forms of ID?

    3/24/2011 2:40 PM PDT

  104. Sadie - wrote:

    wow! lost of competition! i really want to do this music is who i am. to make it to even the second round would be a miracle! godd luck!

    3/24/2011 3:29 PM PDT

  105. Michael "Magic Mic" Zuccaro - wrote:

    ThankZ Simon for getting us baby boomers the chance to strut our stuff as well as the tweens! I’ve gathered lots of fans singing karaoke in the So.Cal. area over the last few years and will rock out this weekend at LA Sports Arena! I can’t wait! And good luck to everyone auditioning! We all have a dream!

    3/24/2011 3:39 PM PDT

  106. rick henry - wrote:

    I got my my e-mail back for newark N.J.and thinking about going if the money permits . I love singing country and gospel music I still think this 56 year old can still sing hopefully i will get the courage to go and give it a shot or at least try and get some inpute on my music sing I can do spell not so good

    3/24/2011 3:50 PM PDT

  107. Beebe - wrote:

    Okay, so I’m totally excited about auditioning but is there a pre-registration required????

    3/24/2011 6:20 PM PDT

  108. Beebe - wrote:

    Sorry…or do I just show up?

    3/24/2011 6:20 PM PDT

  109. Ashley crawford - wrote:

    Hi simon im realy excited about the oppertunity to be apart of this amazing thing. Hope you like It.

    3/24/2011 11:26 PM PDT

  110. Olivia - wrote:

    This show is super exciting! I am more than thrilled to get an oppurtunity like this! I just have a few questions. Say you make it through, where do you go from there? Next, hrough the audition process, will it be like you see on TV for American Idol? Should you go to the extreme and camp out? Lastly, will there be a pre audition, or is your first shot in front of the crowd of 3,000 people? i’m just curious; But thank you, and i can’t wait to see you there!

    3/25/2011 5:27 PM PDT

  111. Matthew Aaron - wrote:

    I hope to see you all there tomorrow! Good luck!!


    3/25/2011 5:34 PM PDT

  112. D.D. - wrote:

    Would have LOVED to auditioned in San Francisco. It’s a LONGGGG, expensive audition trip to L.A.!! ……..I’m SO GLAD that someone FINALLY is making this show happen! We had thought of this type of show last year, and thought is could be called, “Second Time Around” …………Thanks for making it happen!!!……DD

    3/25/2011 11:05 PM PDT

  113. jerome lindgaard - wrote:

    I’m 51, and have only one id which states my age…. really now who would falsify being 51????

    3/25/2011 11:08 PM PDT

  114. mackenzie - wrote:

    On march 27, do you audition in the order you line up in on sunday, or by ticket nubers you got on saturday?

    3/26/2011 1:09 PM PDT

  115. Willie McKnight - wrote:

    I am coming from South Carolina to Newark NJ, and I am not coming to leave empty handed.

    3/26/2011 6:20 PM PDT

  116. Sasha Burgess - wrote:

    I feel like a girl should do a Green Day song.
    Those are mostly covered and by males and I think it would really be amazing if someoen covered them.

    3/28/2011 6:49 AM PDT

  117. Bearfoot - wrote:

    you people auditioning are all on crazy pills you have to get through round 3 before you get a chance with Simon and the pro judges …lol Until then you get any scumbag judge they can find… No matter how good your are or perfect pitch you sing if the judge dont like your song… YOU ARE so SCREWED lol

    3/28/2011 11:08 PM PDT

  118. Jeffrey ( Jeff ) Peters - wrote:

    I’m sincerely hoping to attend.
    I’m concerned about parking and are there outside restroom facilities ? I’m guessing NO !!!
    When you invite everyone , family and friends, that takes up alot of parking. Only participants should be allowed 1st choice parking in my point of view. The others aren’t trying out. Hopefully, there’s gotta be a better way !!! It’s nice to have friends and family, but this is all about the music business.
    I hope you all can find room for a friendly participant. We all need to get along even if most will lose.
    Hope to see you great people there.

    3/29/2011 7:52 AM PDT

  119. Jeffrey ( Jeff ) Peters - wrote:

    I am intending to join everyone at Chicago. I forgot to mention that.

    3/29/2011 8:02 AM PDT

  120. flo - wrote:

    I auditioned in L.A. didnt’ make it but waited 15hours to get seen and by then so tired the voice gone. However the judge Peter was awesome. compassionate and truly wants you to do well. Thank you Peter, however the unorganizes and no thought to the thousands of people there to make your show was disheartening. You are asking singers to scream and yell for hours before letting them in to audition. thoughtless… port a potties that had not been emptied and no toilet paper. It didnt’ matter how early you got there the first day because tix were given out at random. My group had been to the front of the middle of the pack and ended up in the nose bleed seats. We should have been seen hours before. There also should have been another row of audition booths. Your spending money so how much could it hurt to add 12 more booths to get through faster. Most of the staff was pretty good. You also could have worked something out with the arena, you told people to bring food then wouldnt’ let them bring their coolers inside and it cost $6 for a hot dog $5 for a hot chocolate $8 for a burger $5 for a lemonade. after 15 hours you have little option. Just sayin’

    3/29/2011 8:37 AM PDT

  121. Sherri DeMarino - wrote:

    Has anyone else seen the fine print on the tv ads That in order to audition in Newark NJ you have to be a legal resident of NJ ,NY, Conn, or Penn ?????????????
    Does this mean if you come from VA to audition in NJ they will not let you audition?? Someone please answer this!!!!!!

    3/30/2011 11:49 AM PDT

  122. Stephanie Reid - wrote:

    Is there a certain list of songs that our audition song has to be chosen from? Or can we sing whatever song we want?

    3/30/2011 5:55 PM PDT

  123. Jeremy Fiske - wrote:

    What if your hair was really long in the ID photo and is now short?

    4/3/2011 12:01 PM PDT

  124. Louise Solemn - wrote:

    Soooooooooooooo excited to audition.

    4/3/2011 4:39 PM PDT

  125. Frances Bell - wrote:

    I think I still got it going on at my age. I waited so long to sing to the world. Now what? I do still want to sing, play my guitar, produce and write my own songs. : – )

    4/7/2011 12:55 PM PDT

  126. Frances Bell - wrote:

    I hope my son Steve Sparrow sings. He is such a talented young man. Let the gift of God prevail his talents.

    4/7/2011 1:00 PM PDT

  127. Joe Mackey - wrote:

    I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to perform in front of Simon Cowell for about five years now. I tried out for Idol four times already with no luck; I felt as though they cut all the talent in the first round. Anyways, I’ve waited a little over a year for this competition to start and now that it’s here, I believe I have what it takes to go all the way. Hopefully I can prove to the world that I am worthy of a recording contract and that 5 Million Dollar check, LOL. I’m going to try to the best of my abilities to be heard and pray I get a fair shot. Staying Humble, Staying Positive, Staying Myself — Joe Mackey

    4/9/2011 6:39 AM PDT

  128. Erin - wrote:

    It this for singing or is it all talent?

    4/11/2011 11:24 AM PDT

  129. kalyn - wrote:

    i hope im able to miss school for this lol. i already missed 21 days and have to try to not be abcent……but i would give that cruise up just for this haha :) ) i cant wait!!! love ya simon, kalyn

    4/11/2011 12:31 PM PDT

  130. Arne Elstad (aka. Sobear) - wrote:

    I am honored to finally get an opportunity to show what people have been saying about me for years. I hope that through this experience I can do charitable singing throughout the competition as it progresses. If that is possible. Thanks for the chance of a lifetime moment Simon.

    4/11/2011 12:38 PM PDT

  131. Jessie - wrote:

    jersey forever <3
    what shuld i wear!?!?!?!?!?

    4/12/2011 1:55 PM PDT

  132. Francesca (Fancy) Mars - wrote:


    4/12/2011 8:15 PM PDT

  133. dnyla gunn - wrote:

    hi everyone my name is dnyla gunn im 12 years old and i am ready to blow out this audition so be READY america to see a girl with talent♥And this shout out is to all the people auditioning al over america♥simmon cowel i hope you like this to♥

    4/13/2011 7:49 PM PDT

  134. Jaime - wrote:

    I’m stoked for this Simon wants fantastic, I’m hoping to bring it with me and shine. I’ve always gotten compliments on my singing and am hoping it’s worthy of stardom. I’ve got nothing to lose so I’ll give it my best! Good Luck Everyone!!!!

    4/14/2011 4:03 PM PDT

  135. Jennie Whale - wrote:

    Tiny Boxes representing!!!!! Ready to bring it hard!! watch out kids….cause its my turn!!!

    4/16/2011 4:53 PM PDT

  136. Irina - wrote:

    Aw man I would love to audition but I’m cuurrently studyingin Europe :(

    4/18/2011 12:21 AM PDT



    4/18/2011 5:27 AM PDT

  138. ronajha ricks - wrote:

    awwww…i want to go cause my aunt is singing but my mom said kids cant go is that true?

    (please say thats not true)!!!!!

    4/18/2011 10:12 PM PDT

  139. Casting Call: Open Auditions for Simon Cowell X Factor US - wrote:

    [...] up for audition information. • Check out audition tips. • Download rules and release forms. • Get Simon’s advice on what not to [...]

    4/18/2011 10:23 PM PDT

  140. Linseyy - wrote:

    I am soooo excited for this audition! Ive wanted to be a singer my whole life and this is the moment where it can actually happen. So get ready for me Chicago!

    4/25/2011 3:10 PM PDT

  141. Darl Jam - wrote:

    Here I am baby

    4/26/2011 11:58 PM PDT

  142. ... - wrote:

    I just auditioned today. after waiting about 11 hours I got to audition. I was wating for my turn & I was listening to a person a couple turns in front of me and she was also 12. The male judge said, “I’m gonna sayno right now because you are still so young and aren’t quite ready.” She left and then the 12 year old boy in front of me sang & I listened & he got told the same thing he said to the girl before. Then it was my turn & I felt like I didn’t have a chance before I even got to sing. He said the exact same thing to me & it really hurt me because I thought this show was for young people. Maybe I would have made it if I had gotten a different Judge… who know.

    4/27/2011 3:52 PM PDT

  143. Dias - wrote:

    hello my name is Dias and I am already signed to your show
    And i would like to know some information about registration requirements
    I am international student and i am getting Bachelor degree in America and i want to know am i will be able to be in your show with international student visa?
    Thank you for your time

    4/29/2011 5:21 PM PDT

  144. Kyndal Murray - wrote:

    Oh my goodness!!! This is Jesus Answering my prayers!!! i have been waiting for an opportunity like this since i culd talk!!! Thank yu sooooo much X FACTOR I LOVE YOU!!!!

    4/30/2011 8:38 AM PDT

  145. delisa mcgraw - wrote:

    mannn boy i cant wait to get on xfactor im gone blow

    5/5/2011 3:21 PM PDT

  146. Tanya Stephens - wrote:

    Are you allowed to play the piano while singing for your audition?

    5/7/2011 8:10 AM PDT

  147. Adam Shane Davis - wrote:

    Work Permit (Visa) – can you send me a request/petition form for me to get a temp work permit for the USA ?

    5/9/2011 1:02 AM PDT

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